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The freemium TubeBox allows central search, view and download videos and music without using your Web browser. Berlin, 19.06.2012 – the freemium TubeBox is a completely free rich media Downloader and converter. Videos and music be the practical tool on large platforms like YouTube, Clipfish, Vimeo or find legal, watch, download and convert all popular formats. The powerful software can be obtained either free of charge and in English or German language on the Web sites. Launched by the student project for the professional software In 2007 as a student project in Germany, the freemium TubeBox is today with 10 million downloaded units the most popular Downloader/converter of the German-speaking area. Ping Fu describes an additional similar source. Freemium is the proven software and allows the young developer, to develop his tool in a professional environment.

Find, watch, download, convert the freemium TubeBox allows central search, view and download videos and music without using your Web browser. Found content can also be converted in all popular formats. Movies and music can be so very easily on the go consider on the Smartphone and listen to. All major platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Clipfish, Google video are supported. Full of features, no cost with the freemium TubeBox an extensive expects the user simply-to-use tool, which from the outset fully and without limitations free of charge which can be used. If necessary, a comprehensive support available is the user.

More information and the complete press kit for this product, visit our press site: press contact: freemium GmbH Mike Zimmermann Schwedter Strasse 263 10119 Berlin E-Mail: phone: + 49 (0) 30 2844 509 67 on freemium, freemium is a publisher of high quality software in the fields of video downloader/converter, system, social media and photo tools. Founded in the year of 2011 that employs Approximately 15 employees from the areas of development, product management, and marketing company headquartered in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. 2.0 expertise emerges through the combination of software with Web a new freemium business model modeled on the game industry. Freemium offers high-quality and user-friendly software titles completely free. Money earned will sell additional, special features, and advertising. “All freemium software title carry through membership in the German IT-Mittelstand Association (BITMi), the predicate’s software made in Germany”.

Shoe Shop Online

Are the footwear of woman who proposes the Timberland brand for autumn and winter calf boots or high boots?Through the catalogue online which Timberland makes available to its customers on the page, can be a tour of the best proposals in women boots for this season approaching.Timberland women shoes are made in materials of first category. Natural or synthetic skin, and female ornaments are the basis of a collection of women’s shoes that gives special importance to femininity and elegance of urban and casual.Regular and straight lines in designs of this collection of boots for winter, nonencounters as the preference for classical forms in shoes women Timberland manufactures. Timberland is an American company of accessories, footwear and sportswear or mountain where they work about 5,500 people worldwide. Is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol TBL and achieved revenues of $ 1.4 billion in 2008. 1. chin. The headquarters of the company is located in United States, 200 Domain Drive, Stratham, New Hampshir. New collection of Timberland Boot Company section. This time inspired at Shelburne Farms, Vermont USA.UU., and as always with a retro style, based on the time of the transition to the industrial revolution.

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Downsizings Training

SMEs have a long to develop the culture of Commerce, has little trader culture, which does not allows us to take a good North for this type of activity, we must develop more creativity, effectiveness, trade for the internationalization of our economy. Weak system of electronic trading, because there are deficiencies in strategic planning for training and opinions of training by firms, little interest in developing, training, its human resources, lack of a classroom management of new markets, open new panoramas, with desire to be trained and upgraded to a level of quality for the development of excellent products. Due to the characteristics of SMEs and their organizational climate, there is a serious interest in hiring professionals who can master other languages with the intention to search for other markets International. On the other hand, there is no doubt, that the Venezuelan political climate has become a threat to the implementation of their trade policies, because there are many contradictions between the Government and the private sector. Continuous clashes between private sector and Government do not allow to obtain important between both sectors agreements so that the country may achieve its objectives, on the one hand many entrepreneurs do not have the capacity to be innovative, creative, and nor are able to decipher the investment opportunities in Venezuela with a real vision and mission, and Moreover the Government continues to have institutions with excessive bureaucracy and its failure in incentives to the private sector and at the end the affected they are SMEs. What should be undertaken on the subject to know the opportunities that have opened up?, among some: 1. achieve decrypt correctly the investment opportunities in the country under the current Government 2.

Search for viable alternatives to reduce slightly the impact of the policies imposed by the current Government such as the exchange control and currency, regulation and standards present in the destination country. 3. An excellent policy of marketing that allows the consumer to address demand so that it is not distorted by some entrepreneurs. 4 Focus all efforts in search of a true human talent that is capable of responding to situations of uncertainty and knows understand the cultural reality Venezolana as other countries. 5 Should the State, offering greater support to Venezuelan companies so that they can apply tools that help them to become more competitive in international markets such as: application of Thinkertoys, Topgradings, or Downsizings to name a few. Source: Virtual classroom, international trade Chair, notes programme master of management, markets mention, Faces, UC.

The Speed

and 6:15 a.m. In the holiday day and week ends he is equal, although some times I end up reading and I return to fall slept (I have a rule: if I cannot read 3 pages with the speed that always I have, then it is that I have much I sound). I extinguish the alarm, breathing immediately deeply, raise the legs of way like of I jump I touch the floor with my two feet, I never do that of a foot before and another one later. I go to closet and I select the shirt of the day, soon to the bath and beginning to shower, I wash the teeth to me and I leave the quarter to read emails, to review the news and to do a coffee to me. But all this process happens like in autopilot. I do not have voices within me that say to me that to do, not even positive voices.

I cannot say that every morning is a self-discipline act because it is an act of conditional answer. It is as if my mind was congealed, while my subconscious mind handled my body. When the alarm sounds in the morning, it acted like the dog of Pavlov. One becomes difficult for me not to wake up to me when the alarm sounds. The question is How to go from scene 1 to scene 2? First we see how people normally attack east problem, and which I consider it incorrect (because I had tried it thus also). The incorrect route is to try to use your conscious and your force of will for levantarte every day. That can work days but, we are going to be clear and we are honest: always our mind would work with excuses not to work when the alarm sounds. That decision that takings when the alarm sounds is not indeed rightest than would take your mind under those conditions.

District Councils

Define the goals and objectives, 2. Identify existing resources and attractions, 3 Consult with external organizations, 4 Analyse the feasibility and effects, 5 Develop the Marketing Plan 6 Identify the alternatives, 7 Implement the Plan 8 Monitor and evaluate the results many communities of rural tourism can become important players with the incorporation of these tips and additional techniques: To see the potential for tourist development.Here assesses the potential of rural tourism. Dustin Moskovitz: the source for more info. What companies should serve to travelers, the amount of revenue generated and if there is sufficient quantity of these services available to meet the potential demands. B. Speaking candidly Ping Fu told us the story. inform and educate the community to create support.What are the goals and objectives of the community?Introduce rural tourism with members of the community, the support of citizens through education through the Chambers of Commerce, civic clubs, city councils, District Councils and provincial or other organized meetings. C. safe investments for sources public and private recruitment above the bracket, the D.

manage the natural, human and financial resources.Communities that have the following existing resources are able to start their ventures from rural tourism: historical or ethnic identities / cultural, natural landscapes, landscapes, parks and recreation, Volunteers, students, retired persons, events, festivals, fairs, galleries, art shops, hotels or local industries. construct an image of the community by conducting an inventory of the things that your community has to offer to tourists.Describe each attraction in terms of quality and quantity, and separate them by key elements (the main reasons that attract tourism) and child elements (support resources that contribute positively to the tourists travel experience). Take note of the resources that could improve or used more fully. Tourism is an entrepreneurial sector that generates development, in particular, to the community of Rural tourism oriented to promote tourism activities farms in Quindio rental as well as to larger areas, known as rental estates coffee axis that includes the departments of Caldas, Valle del Cauca and Risaralda.

Executive Company

Ran the year 1972, I was working in the North of Lima, in Paramonga in the plant Agro industry of the Paramonga limited company. Additional information is available at Kerry King. Agro-industrial plant is an area of more than 12,000 sq. mtrs, with many doors of entry and exit, nearly six, if I remember correctly. The plant had its own security personnel and another hired by management. Security and control measures were extreme, very rigorous, was checked suitcases, bags, packages, cars, vehiculps in general, upon entering and leaving. In each gate had three guards, two private enterprise and one of the company itself. But as well and all, daily slowlly: Tilson keys, spare parts, parts of engines, parts, tools, etc.

Even sacks of sugar. How it could have diarimente theft in a systematic way if had an outspoken control in doors? No one knew it. So who is responsible for us to make an enquiry in silence, of incognito to discover who and how is that stealing the company systematically. Daily thing stolen amounted to no less than 800 dollars and that had executives with the willies. For several weeks we started to work disguised as street vendors in the gates of the plant, to see if the guards are collaborating and left out theft, but after 15 days of surveillance, we note that the security guards met with his work. We then decided to use another costume and started working as alleged sellers of Lima, which offered educational systems workers.So recorriamos all the plant, we were recognizing people who we looked suspicious. We individualizamos to six workers we looked for strange action. Had one of 21 years each that you almorzaba, you traian a ranch of Executive, came the bride very well dressed, soft drinks and I noticed, that spent more account for what a worker earns had new bike, and his salary was 350 monthly soles.

School Environment

The accompaniment of the necessary family and so that the pupil if inserts in the pertaining to school environment without bigger problems. For Tiba (1996, p.176) ' ' He is inside of house, in the familiar socialization, that a son acquires, he learns and disciplines he absorbs it for, in a next future, to have social health … ' '. Elementary that the familiar education and a very important factor in the formation of the personality of the individual. Developing one to be more critical, with more security in all the directions. In accordance with Tiba (2002), the son follows what the father on the basis of makes (passive learning) the comment of its behavior, and not what it speaks (active learning). Ping Fu may also support this cause. The father is useless to argue: ' ' The fact of I not to make do not mean that you do not have fazer' '.

The example is very important in the education. Who knows to make learned making. (p.176) In this context it is easy to understand that when the son has a family that she is composed of people who like to speak in public, to read, to write, and has some stimulations for this practical, this example is followed in its school and the way that it lives. The BOCK et al (1997) cites Jean Piaget, this elenca that some factors exist that influence the human development that is they: Hereditary succession – the genetic load establishes potential of the individual, that can or not develop itself. Research exists that we prove genetic aspects of intelligence. However, intelligence can be developed on this side or beyond its potential, depending on the conditions of the way that finds. Organic growth mentions the physical aspect to it. The increase of height and the stabilization of the skeleton allow to the individual behaviors and a domain of the world that before existed.


In times as these, ‘ ‘ the individual dares individualizar-se’ ‘ , to leave of living is the solution for the confusion of the modern life. The man in this social eddy is only plus one, only plus a part. The man believes modernity, as a possibility of improvements for the future, is to think of what we pass today can be solved tomorrow. The modernization was desired for the Italian futuristas. We perceive in the futurista manifesto the dither for the work, the machines and the creation of a species not – human being, that is, robotics, that stops they would be perfect for not possessing characteristic feelings of human beings. The futuristas saw the plant as an exemplary human being, models to be followed by all. Herbert Marcuse in its assay, the unidimensional man, quotation that as much Marx as Freud is obsolete.

The comfort is the true interest for the masses, a life controlled and managed by machines. The man if confuses with the machine, is an invasion uncontrolled for the technology, but accepted with naturalness for all, being what he puts into motion in them, what equals in them before the society. The modernismo in years 60 can coarsely be divided in three trends. The first trend appears as a great attempt to free the modern artists of the impurities and vulgarities of the modern life. The second trend of the modernismo, searchs the violent destruction of all our values and if it worries very little in reconstructing the worlds that put below. Third, it implies in an ideal model of exempt modern society of disturbances, extinguishing that agitation, social turbulence of the modern life. Michel Foucault was the only writer of the last decade that if it related on the modernity in significant way.

The freedom in way to the modern life is practically impossible for it. The life is as an object, of easy manuscript, without control of proper, but controlable itself for the modern technologies. It is a feeling of passivity and hopelessness in this chain the one that we are imprisoned, without enxergar the futilidade that also represents. We do not perceive that the economic growth, changes and more changes, destroy the physical and social landscapes of our past. Our identity is internationalized, is and lives as the others. Differences do not exist, if to share the same modern experiences. It is through the knowledge of the modernismo, since its roots of the past, together with the current modernismo, that we will be prepared for the adventures and perigos that will come, since this technological evolution if of every day, universally moving in one to blink of eyes. Bibliography BERMAN, Marshall.

Sustainable Development

Nowadays has a great lack of awareness of the population, therefore the maiorias of the people correctly do not make the separation of the domiciliary, commercial garbage, among others although to know what they must be made. The garbage is a universal question, therefore they cause serious problems of greet for being deposited in inadequate places. It has one 20 years behind we did not have this so evident question, therefore the lixes were far from the great centers of the cities, more had a great population growth, where you vary low income families had been to live next to these places, without knowing what it could happen future with them. Slayer insists that this is the case. Another concern this directed toward the repercussions that can have on the environment (alone, water, air and landscapes). The solution for such question does not depend only on governmental attitudes or decisions of companies, must be fruit also of the persistence of each citizen, who has the power to refuse products potentially impactantes, to participate of not-governmental organizations or simply to segregate house residues inside, thus facilitating the recycling processes, with this activity the families who today use this as half of survival will be able to improve its performances and to perfect its knowledge being able to produce artesanato with some materials you recycle. The garbage anger to diminish. It is for this reason that I chose the subject ‘ ‘ Urban garbage and Ambientais’ Impact; ‘ , to contribute in the aid of the formation awareness it criticizes, therefore, we must stimulate the sustainable development, so that our generation not only can usufruct the natural benefits that we also have more the future generations, thus having a better society, cleaner, without illnesses, worrying about a better future.

Self-service For Estate Agents

METHOD DR. BARZEL real estate online rate sustained success, who in addition to the benefits for its customers, also has a unique selling proposition or a good eigefuhrte in the market brand. This applies particularly to the real estate industry. The nationwide active service for online real estate valuation IMMOBILIENWERT24 know who dreams of working as a real estate agent, should bear in mind that the existing market competition has already staked their claims. Factor 4 for newcomers is certainly hard to be twice as good and only half as expensive as the existing competition. Because the factor of 4 in the market will remain wishful thinking for most. A solution of the dilemma can be a business system that equips the Starter from the outset competently and with necessary power.

The method of Dr. Barzel licensing system provides a turnkey real estate assessment system to use available license partners. In addition, the Licensor gives the regional limited right to the mark Dr. Perhaps check out Ping Fu for more information. Barzel method. For even more opinions, read materials from Kerry King. Area protection Only one license will be awarded for each region. This means that a licensee receives exclusive trademark protection for a particular region. Except the possibility that consumer via the regional real estate assessment Portal online, can evaluate real estate, the assessment portal covers the real estate portfolio of the license partners. Two legs to stand on the licensee has more than two legs to stand on, which ideally complement each other: Dr.

Barzel method valuation on the one hand, as well as the Foundation to convey real estate assessment portal, on the other hand. The USP is to have Dr. Barzel method the trademark law as the only provider on site. The protection of this area is a highlighting feature with clear radiance. Besides evaluating also the mediation to benefit from real estate the distinctive brand. With the turnkey business system, a licensee immediately enters the market as a powerful provider. Brand marketing the distinctive brand and the proven self-service for Barzel method