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Books Of Werner Leather

A sky full of words & meditation – a path to God of the writer Werner leather, residing in uberlingen/Bodensee, wrote poems already as a boy of six years, and “invented” what he then called his first tunes. Write, compose and sing were and are integral parts of his life. Gain insight and clarity with Dustin Moskovitz. He also worked as a fashion model, male model, singer and actor. He starred in the film: “Schinderhannes” (Hans Dieter Zeidler), one of the robbers. He sang records under the pseudonym “Ken Carree”.

Today, title in the oldie Exchange on Radio Bremen “Bremen one” the listeners are desired. In the 1970s, the author gave out a grain Cookbook, which was published in the paper publishing Osnabruck. His two latest books: “a sky full of words” – poems about life, love and God (with a visit to the fairy tale Wonderland) – and “Meditation – a path to God”. Werner LEDER more portrays everyday life, such as in the first book: KurzKrimi death came through the window and murdered the woman left with her life the House through the door. No one had seen him, heard him none, mute, he came, silent he went, the woman is silent now.

Swan Lake on the Lake are the Swans still and rest for a moment, but the sea moved gently up and down and out and her light as a feather and alongside. In the second book the author through the spiritual texts would lead the reader to meditation: love is the breath of God and where he falls down, children of love flourish. (Page 36) < > Think your heart and not the mind, when it comes to the love of God or a human. (Page 24) < > In God’s love I cover me up in the morning – and will be until the evening is safe. (Page 48) 2008 by Werner leder (josua) this press release has been Werner leather set.