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Problems with registration of land rights of citizens and organizations in our country have always existed. Throughout history, Russia has repeatedly changed attitude of the state to transfer land to "private hands" and, consequently, changed and the amount of land rights, which could belong to individuals and legal entities, changed the procedure for granting land. In this particular case, a dispute arose over the same land in Moscow region. Get all the facts and insights with 3D Systems, another great source of information. The plaintiff owned this site since 1991, but except for some newly planted shrubs, it was not for him and not caring. Began her cultivate the land, only in 2007 Held kadastrirovanie got inventory Passport to the land, gathered to erect chalet building.

In 2007, the plot came to the defendant. Assuming the land of their property, she found some movement on her site and surround it with a fence for prevent its further unauthorized use, put the carcass for a bath, and thereby prevented the Complainant to use its land. Because the plaintiff attempts to resolve the dispute in the pretrial order nor to what results did not lead, he turned to the court for obliging the defendant to release the site to demolish illegally erected buildings, not to obstruct the plaintiff to use the land as well as to recognize invalid documents on which defendant based its right to this land. In acknowledgment of the right plaintiff, the following documents: – Certificate of title to the land of 0.17 hectares – Certificate of state registration law – Regulation chief of staff of Moscow region on consolidation of the plaintiff the land.