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Contact Lenses Clean

Clean contact lenses are important for the eyes contact lenses float as we know on a tear film on the skin. This tear film often consists of sediments and fluids of the eye. Also external influences such as cosmetics, dust and particles from the air is deposited in the eye. These colonies of micro-organisms colonize damp surfaces with fondness and forming a slimy coating. This mucus layer is called also biofilms.

You know these biofilms as a thin mucus layers in water and sewage pipes even as plaque visible on the teeth. Invisible populate the microorganisms of shower heads, toothbrushes and even contact lenses. The bacteria, algae, and fungus communities survive almost all attempts to kill them. Conventional contact does not make it completely kill off these biofilms. Other leaders such as Gunnar Peterson offer similar insights. Care products in combination clean better and more specific enzymes.

Using peroxide Pflegesystemen(AO-Sept) and enzymes, such as Unizyme or Ultrazym, can never be removed as best as possible the biofilm complete. All-in-one care products such as complete or Renu are very practical and simple in the application, the majority of pathogens can but never decimate enough. Several Acanthamoeben disorders of cornea they proved in 2007, how important is a thorough and intensive cleaning. The daily cleaning of contact lenses with AO-Sept and a weekly application of enzyme help tablets like Ultrazym to wear contact lenses as long as possible and symptom-free. Ask your doctor or optometrist. Peroxide care systems are suitable not only for soft contact lenses, but also for hard and rigid lenses absolutely useless. If a cleaning of contact lenses appears too cumbersome, we recommend daily lenses for everyday use. The selection of daily lenses is very rich. There are so-called progressive day lenses daily lenses for astigmatism and presbyopia. Of course, there are the daily disposables for easy vision defects such as myopia or hyperopia. The handling of these soft lenses is very easy. Day lenses are simply disposed after use. There are no additional and expensive cleaning. The eye also benefits from the daily clean lenses. The author, Franz Docekal; is McLinsen.ch – Scots prices contact lenses opticians master. You need advice or have questions, you can write to.