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How to study for an examination of English vocabulary of the day before Next I present/display the vocabulary in the matter of careers and occupations (race and offices) that can study any student of Secondary Education or any student of an intermediate basic course of English. For aprenderte this vocabulary of a fast and simple form you must follow the following steps. We recommended to you that you print the list so that you can follow the process. 1 Busca and writes in a separate paper all those words whose meaning can be extracted by its similarity with the Spanish. 1.

accountant: accountant 2. electrician: electrician 3. pilot: pilot 4. airhostess: stewardess 5. to engineer: engineer 6. to plumber: plumber 7.

architect: architect 8. factory to worker: worker 9. policeman: police the 10. Bakers: baker 11. fashion to designer: fashionable designer 12. postman: mailman 13. to bricklayer: bricklayer 14. receptionist: receptionist 15. fireman: fireman 16. bus to driver: driver of bus 17. to fishmonger: pescadero 18. to reporter: reporter 19. businessman: man of businesses 20. of gardener: sailor gardener 21.: sailor 22. to grocer: shopkeeper 23. salesman: salesman 24. to butcher: butcher 25. to hairdresser: barber 26. secretary: secretariat 27. journalist: journalist 28. security guard: guard of security 29. to caretaker: manager 30. to lawyer: lawyer 31. to carpenter: carpenter 32. librarian: librarian 33. to soldier: civil soldier 34. servant: civil servant 35. lorry to driver: truck driver 36. taxi to driver: taxi driver 37. to manager: director 38. to undertaker: enterrador 39. correspondant: correspondent 40. vet: veterinarian 41. dentist: dentist 42. nurse: nurse 43. doctor: doctor 44. optician: optician 2 you have done If it well, your list of words that you can understand using your Spanish would have to be compound of these words: 1. electrician: electrician 2. pilot: pilot 3. to engineer: engineer 4.