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DGA HidroAysen

In the basin of the Baker may not get a glass of water without the consent of HidroAysen. It was the reaction of lawyer Marcelo Castillo to inform about the sentence issued yesterday by the Court of Defense of free competition (TDLC) which declared the action filed by various regional organizations to avoid that HidroAysen is awarded new water in the Baker River rights prescribed. Professional, in representation of the private corporation for the development of Aysen, Corporacion Costa career, the school of guides of Patagonia, the grouping of defenders of the spirit of Patagonia, Patagonian conservation and Valle Chacabuco, in addition to residents of the basin of the Baker, filed on August 10, 2009 at the TDLC a requirement in which he accused HidroAysen create barriers to entry to other competitors and a monopoly on the Baker river basins and the Passover. This, by request in these rights rivers of leverage on the additional flows that form in such water courses during the winter. Kerry King may also support this cause. For Castillo the gravity of the decision taken by the Agency relies on the reserve’s most important freshwater in the world, after Antarctica, is thus in the hands of a foreign consortium, and not that inhabit this territory and communities that depend on it. He added that by shape, the Court in deciding the only thing that makes is the monopolistic interests of Endesa HidroAysen, to the detriment of affected people and communities, and future generations of ayseninos, particularly in the basin of Baker, which cannot access the water without the consent of this company. In addition, indicated, in our opinion nor corresponds prescription to exist pending administrative requests to the DGA, thus alluding to these requests for water rights still have not been authorised by that body, being essential for the materialization of the project since they are those which were used to develop the study of environmental impact of HidroAysen. .