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Digital Subscriber Line

Currently the technology ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or asymmetric digital subscriber line, is a technology for modems, providing asymmetric access and high speed through the pair of cobreactualmente installed on offices and homes of users of the RTB (or ISDN, which is also compatible). ADSL, since it allows to provide to paid digital services of band broadband over copper twisted pair telephone lines currently installed, it has been the technology used by the traditional operators of voice and data local to compete mainly with the operators of cable, which began at the end of the 1990s to offer high-speed data services using cable modems. Thus, ADSL, that unfolds on an amortized network is much cheaper that cable for telecommunications operators, because the latter requires a costly and slow deployment of coaxial cable or optical fiber in addition to the corresponding equipment.Best offers of ADSL. The cable modems need a laying of new cable or the modification of the existing, by which its deployment will be much more expensive, limited to capitals and very slow. The main advantage for the user of DSL against cable, its main competitor technology modems, is that it is a service dedicated to each Subscriber; the connection between the user and the telephone exchange is point to punto.ofertas ADSL.

This means a guaranteed data transfer speed and greater security. Another advantage for users of ADSL is its availability and easy installation. Cable, its main competitor, is only available in large populations and certain barrios.comparativa ADSL. In addition, your introduccionrequiere generally carrying out works, since older homes do not meet current ICT (common telecommunications infrastructure) regulations requiring builders to prepare housing to enter at any time and without new works new telecommunications as cable or the LMDS services. The disadvantage traditional ADSL against cable, was that it was not possible to offer digital television.Offers ADSL phone. However, the development of IPTV technology and ADSL through ADSL2 + and VDSL speeds increased the commercial launch of integrated offerings of telephony, Internet and TV (known as Triple Play) have made possible. From the point of view strictly for business, Triple Play is a model that offers advantages such as, for example, the loyalty of customers, scalability and faster depreciation of your network and cash flows to large operators.Offers ADSL Internet. Clients are benefited by more competitive prices, single invoice, and greater simplicity in the efforts of incidences.