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Advertising and promotional items for the target group of over 45 years advertising has to be attractive. Advertising must be dynamic. For this reason, advertising must be always timeless “young”. In other words: young people, fleet sayings and Flash colors. But is that true? Or is it just an old prejudice that based on the fact that many advertised products of popular and mass culture have once emerged from a youth culture that has evolved since the 1950s.

Even if is not the case, so the aspect of aging was communicated often as inconsistent with the pace and volatility of cultural developments. Who had exceeded a certain age, belonged to the so-called “old iron”, “inMode”, an attractive target group or integral was one at best, “wise”, but rarely more developed society. But the aspect of the aging society is controversial for several years. Trigger is the increasing share of older people in the population, which is expected to increase to 47 percent by 2030. Without hesitation Dustin Moskovitz explained all about the problem. For this purpose, two are Reasons that a life expectancy 84 years will rise until 2050, especially with women on average and on the other hand, the birth rate is still declining. The debates, which led under the keyword “demographic change” often connotes behavior critical to negative due to political and economic reasons.

Nevertheless, a positive change is taking place! Although this affects only the presentation of the age. Classical Age ideas increasingly soften due to longer and better education and training paths, professional long and later family foundations. As a result, the physical age is redefined. And for the advertising, this means that the target group aged 45 and over new will become the focus. Because: “Older people are no niche, but a mighty safe.”, as author Tom Peters 2004 pointedly in his book’Re-Imagine’ expresses. His testimony concerned the generation 45plus, a demanding, curious, active and life-affirming target group with a high Purchasing power represents. This is, for example, the brand BALDESSARINI impressive to use as the TV spot shows. In Germany, the generation 45plus represents approximately 60 per cent of the purchasing power. 12.5 billion euro for the consumption of the available stand every month in the average 35 million German over 45 years. And in many areas there are already consumers of 49 years, providing demand. So every third new car is bought by one of Funzigjahrigen. But this generation or Best Ager as a target group effectively through advertising and promotional products to appeal to, it is necessary to deal with the particularities and the specific needs of this group continue to inbound.