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If the man if renasce If the spirit if do not humiliate If the soul if he denies ascese Not yet has peace If he does not recognize the poor person If the widower all aid undeserves If to the tecto orphan she is not offered Not yet has peace If instead of schools and hospitals Brothels and festins to exist to more, Intellects and values will never sprout. on. Then, not yet it has peace If abortions still take part of the nation, and in the containers they carpem bebs of parents without heart If to the children they lack ball, affection, water and bread Not yet has peace If the brother if it denies love If it is not praised nor if it believes in the Creator If the beauty and the harmony do not have source Not yet have peace If in the lack fire in the kitchens, If in they lack bread to them and life in the tables, Love and harmony in the faces Not yet has peace If one is not understood cries of sadness, If the absence of a peace smile is not perceived If they reign disguise and the lie Not yet has peace If in us the hatred raises its universe and the friend we deny a likeable one verse, If for it nothing we are capable Not yet has peace If the past in them still wounds the conscience and to the friend if it denies tolerance Pardon, love and convivncia Not yet has peace In the eyes that the holy ghost do not recognize In the heart that the God denies love In the soul that for God if he denies to walk In the magnificent spirit? Not yet it has peace! Still? Still? Not yet it has PEACE!. .