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Intuitive Interface Design

Redesign the perspective and takes into account not only the graphical interface, but always the overall concept of equipment and machines, and the resulting opportunities. The design of the HMI brings functionality and aesthetics in harmony. The user interface is the innovative unique selling proposition. Decisive advantage of the HMI is the merging of formerly heterogeneous user interfaces of the individual machines into a single solution for the entire production line. In this manner, the control and monitoring of single machines and complete production lines for the first time in an interface is United. For this, as well as for a revolutionary, user-friendly user guidance is received as explained by itself, the HMI of KHS GmbH the world’s renowned quality seal red dot: best of the best in the category interface design. In cooperation with the KHS GmbH, Fraunhofer IAO designed the HMI. The graphic design was made by Projekttriangle Design Studio. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Dustin Moskovitz has to say. The winner of this