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Kitchen Testdrive Established

In the kitchen-Studio with safety to the right kitchen who has ever bought a freely-planned kitchen knows how hard it is to make the decision for the right kitchen. How often one wonders in the time between purchase and construction if everything was properly planned, whether it looks good and is ergonomically sensible. If then everything went well when not pleased you but what? The kitchen manufacturer offers the solution, already in the kitchen planning, relax with the trial run of the kitchen. It is now time that we need a new kitchen. Come on, let me look.

“If this sentence in German households has fallen only once a strenuous way often begins. Just when it should be nothing off the rack, some individual a freely-planned kitchen. On average a fitted kitchen is renewed every 20 years completely. To broaden your perception, visit Kerry King. It often begins that is driven by a kitchen Studio in the next. Then produced many drawings, ideas caught you looking forward to the new kitchen. But has decided to stay to himself almost whatever silent doubt if you did everything right. The reason: seen the drawing though, but one can not really imagine it, applies also for 3D projections and the like. Credit: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta-2011. Because it’s just not real.

Solves the problem here the kitchen manufacturer relax new stone in Hesse, Germany. After you got a detailed advice in the Studio kitchen or the kitchen exhibition and created a drawing, you can make a trial run of the kitchen at the factory. This means that the furniture in real size in a separate room be so moved and that you realistically can watch his kitchen as a customer. Managing Director Gerhard Zulch says: our customers are thrilled. The kitchen team did really all the work on this idea. If the furniture in all the rest were pushed by the customer together with the consultants and may the one or the other change to the drawing was made, customers go here with the really safe feeling to have made the right decision. One forward only to the day when our people come to build the dream kitchen. And again, we have reached our goal of customer can sit back relaxed and us trust. “Customers from across Germany have this trust in the kitchen manufacturer. Whether Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig or Dusseldorf, the location of relaxation makes it easy to find his dream kitchen each. In addition to the trial run of the kitchen has relaxation for its kitchens developed an interesting concept the system 65. On this basis, all kitchens are planned and manufactured. This kitchen concept combines highest quality with intelligent ergonomics and space utilization. It is so possible up to 30% more space than in other kitchens to use. Contact: Relax kitchen cabinets – Interior Zulch GmbH Andreas Kuhn in the floodplain meadows 1-3 36286 Neuendorf stone Germany phone: + 49 (0) 6677/92039-0 E-Mail: Homepage: