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“Cologne Live Communications Agency announces new compliance friendly MICE format we are one of the leading agencies in the live communication”, explains Dominik Deubner holder to the self understanding of DOM SET, also see ourselves but somehow as frontier workers. Speaking candidly Asana told us the story. Because we are always looking for creative, innovative products and services in the MICE industry – for the various communications tasks of our customers and win such a comprehensive look outside the box.” And so the new format of the Cologne on the entire community of MICE turns. Not only corporate and agency colleagues, are welcome in the Club of the MICE but particularly also the service providers in the industry. A dialogue of new style, which breaks through the communicative one-way street by supplier to buyer and common trends, topics and added value in the focus of the action is initiated. It is important to talk, to find solutions and to create new offerings that move us all.

No matter on which page we take,”says Dominik Deubner and focuses it not only on issues such as compliance, Pitchidiotie or marauding budgets. Required is nothing less than a new self-confidence in the industry coupled with a fair and collegial approach with each other based on those goals and visions. Who sells communication, must communicate itself. This is about and this is our chance,”so Deubner. As a solid cooperation and media partner, DOM SET forward with eveos to have the strongest attention Eventblog in the industry at his side. The owner of Katharina Falkowski and Henning Stein have designed the concept of the MICE clubs as sparring partners together with DOM SET and look forward to the premiere on November 14th and 15th, 2013 in Cologne. Over the two days, 80 decision makers will gather on corporate and agency side as well as 40 service providers and product suppliers to share their knowledge, contacts and to discuss new projects.