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Manager Time

We determined the why we are with this way and at this level, our mission, to determine what the why we were given the opportunity to appear and the joy of knowing how to recognize those spirits who somehow have been linked to us in pro that we grow spiritually, let us seize the opportunity intensely be, to advance and transcend all that which allows us to be increasingly better. Without a doubt, in our transit have been many situations that we have challenged by pointing out according to our actions, so strengthened our spirit is to walk by this dimension of illusions, perishable, forms where everything is transitional, in where you are faced with a myriad of tests that show us and show us that we have worked so hard towards our true growth. Not the slightest doubt, that our tests are configured according to the law cause effect each one them us face facts that we must know manage to liberate us from dependence–because we have determined if we have really taken advantage of the granted time, where we have failed where we’ve grown, how much really we have contributed towards our mission and justification of the why we are, why we identify with certain people, because of our roles, that both have learned and optimally managed our time of life, how dependent are artificial, illusory, why leave the suffering us crush, condition, why this constant complaint filled with pessimism, why worry about not know how to live intensely every minute that we are given. We cannot not remain anchored in the past, on events that already took place, this deteriorates our energies, we imprison, they stagnate, avoid many times that it dips that potential that all we bring and that we must know to take towards our growth, we must position ourselves awake, attentive in our present, face it with serenity, optimism in order to take advantage of the time, since then, without affecting anyone, within respect, tolerance, understanding, affection, honesty, morality, ethics, values. We invite you to surprise in its present, all this in order to not be wasted minutes, hours that are granted, live intensely, remember to give way to actions that do grow, to free itself from being one of the lot, to not generate problems, nor karma, by not knowing how to take advantage of the time that can be released from shackles that hinder it in its growth. Get rid of the pessimism of the complaint, all that which deteriorates and contaminates that potential that brings and where you are your own guardian, Manager of their actions. Share the happiness without cause dependence, less being a prisoner of desires, passions, which are transitory, to live intensely, enjoy your time, remember that your step is transitional, don’t forget, failure to follow or be conditional upon anything, anything that you Origine suffering because it attaches him and affects, to the end that prevents you to live intensely original author and source of the article.