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Mexican Haircuts: Doctors, And Things

It is not universal, absolute fact, immutable, unbreakable and inviolable of the universe (like gravity and bad breath) that rarely considers: No matter what I say the haircut person (not realize how sexist era) about how you want your hair cut will never leave you like, EVER! You will get the haircut the person who is cutting your hair wants to give. This has always been that way since Adam first asked Eve to cut his hair and went out looking like the raccoon that just mentioned. This is true. It's in the Bible. This has always been my experience when I went to the hairdresser in the United States. a he or she (I'm not back the recognition of both sexes) would ask me how I wanted my hair cut. I mumbled something incomprehensible, to which he always said: "Alrighty, let's see what we can do." Also, would the appearance of the haircut person wanted.

I would tell them thank you very much, they pay a fortune, and leave with his head down. Now Imagine, if you will, have to try this in Mexico, in Spanish! It's the same here. They ask you how you want your hair cut and have to come up with an explanation. I prepared diligently for the day I knew the time would come. I had this Spanish book with a dialogue in which he called, "Let's get our hair cut!" I memorized the pertinent vocabulary. Even practiced hand gestures in the mirror to pantomime how short I wanted my hair and where to cut and how much.