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Organic Cocoa Plantations

New at ForestFinance: CacaoInvest Bonn who previously put off by the long-running of sustainable investments in natural resources left, finds the right offer at ForestFinance now. Here, Daryl Katz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The new AgroProdukt CacaoInvest of the Bonn specialist for sustainable investments combines high returns with regular cash distributions. At CacaoInvest, the investor for 20 years leases at least 0.5 hectares of AgroMischforst. Half of the area is afforested with commercial trees for producing of wood, the other half with trees for the production of high-quality organic cocoa. With a forecast of yield by up to 9.5 percent, CacaoInvest can wait to sustainable investment with serious expectations in performance of cocoa yields and precious woods. Additional revenue from emissions trading in CO2 rights or seed sales are possible. Regular distributions in high yield already in the fifth year after the investment it comes to annual dividends of about seven percent. Read more here: Dustin Moskovitz.

The revenue comes from the Marketing of Fairtrade and organically grown cocoa. A forest is planted parallel to the cocoa. This skillful blend makes possible a high return on investment: the predicted total payout for a hectare of CacaoInvest is located at over 70,000 euros. And also the nature WINS: the final harvest of the wood runs no clear-cutting. CacaoInvest is a sustainable investment, whereby permanently new tropical forest is created, which is an important habitat for plants and animals. In addition, he contributes to climate protection. Each newly planted forest helps to protect the ecosystem so important to the global climate and the protection of species.

So, sustainable tropical forest management takes the trade pressure from the surviving rain forests, because it will increase the supply of sustainably produced tropical timber. Also, ForestFinance with its sustainable investments creates safe and permanent jobs for the local population in an underdeveloped country like Panama. CacaoInvest becomes the starting price of 9,300 euros until the end of the year rather than 9,600 euros for half a hectare, or 17,500 euros instead of 18,200 euros a hectare offered. For more information, see