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Original Affiliate

In Internet marketing one of the easy forms but hide-and-seek the affiliate Link is programs free that are in Internet, dice their growth in Internet the affiliates can have but income hide-and-seek their Link of affiliate and not be now in view of the people. Several programs exist between which they are: East program NVU program is a HTML publisher and the Link can be used for hide-and-seek, for this is necessary to know just a little bit of HTML, in it is a page of view and one of page of source of HTML. good in the one of view page you write the phrase and later DAS click in a connection icon, you add the Link of affiliate and ready DAS there to accept. now what is to do is to go to the source of source and to copy the code of HTML of body to body and later to copy it in your blog in code HTML, this usually is a little difficult for which they do not know code HTML but other easy programs like the call exist tiny9 this you can find it program in Internet and is gratuitous besides that is very easy of hide-and-seek the Link because with this program the only thing that there is to do is to put the Link of affiliate in the small box of URL and to put in the small box of Tag label related to your niche and him DAS to create and ready already you have your new Link of affiliate clokeado and that allows you to obtain entrance since it is not possible in view of your prospectuses, others of the programs that are gratuitous in Internet and which there same you can shorten and hide-and-seek your Link of affiliate is: bit.ly and with this only what you must do is to put your Link in the part of shorten and to give click and ready, as you see this is one of but simple and furthermore the one of but used by marketes of the Internet..