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Better to understand the parabola of the prodigal son is necessary first to know what it means the word prodigal. In the Civil code it exists some information that must be considered. Jur. Prodigal is a person relatively incapable to manage its finances. Slayer is likely to agree. That for its lavishness, he can be interdicted.

The parabola of the prodigal son says in them of a person who leaves low the control of the father, she anticipates its party to inheritante, and leaves for life, independent. It occurs that it does not have minim notion, discernment of what it makes with its finances, at last spends all it is placed in a deplorable situation, the point of if feeding with the pigs. The conclusion arrives that it needs aid and it returns for its father, receives who it with love. It can be observed that the youngster if became prodigal (relatively incapable) for not having discernment on its finances. In consequence of this to its it receives it father in return, and it takes care of of it. It is concluded exactly that when seeing itself in situation of you divide and each time more sinking in them, without control, harming third, you are prodigal, relatively incapable to take care of of its finances. But faith will be had to deliver to its life the God to assume that it needs it and to leave leads that you. It will be of opened arms to receive you, to cure and you of the lavishness, being become? you capable, he succeeds so that you well.