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The change that has been presenting in the behavior of customers, both business and consumers is undeniable. Increasingly customer is more informed and has many sources of data that allow it to be more knowledgeable and demanding at the time of purchase or hire a product or service. In an interesting article of the magazine money (no 311), reads as follows: what is happening?. That power today is not or in hands of producers or trade channels, but it has the customer or consumer, thanks to access to the information that today provides Internet and communities that revolve to her around. Executives of the companies not endure losing control of the situation, but have to get used, have no more control.

This paragraph summarizes well what is happening in many segments of the economy and that will happen sooner or later in all. This leads to that customers increasingly are demanding their best suppliers ways to meet their products, their offerings, the way in which can be purchase products or services, mechanisms to request service, how to claim, etc. The customer today has so many options that do not think him too when he finds that a vendor may not provide a desired service level. Therefore, companies should consider how to put available to prospects or customers interaction channels that enable high availability of information and business processes so that customer takes the initiative to interact with the company, no matter when or the where or the like. The concept of multi-channel interactions with customers is closely linked with centralization in the client or CRM strategies. Channels of interaction are the tubes that allow for communication in both directions (see above graphic). The company can them intelligently used to know very well your customer, sell you their products or services in a personalized manner according to their needs and buying habits and provide a comprehensive service in all points of contact.