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Smart Ethanolfeuer

Individual, stylish and secure! youFire by artepuro a new, smart Ethanolfeuer on the market artepuro time brings to the incipient autumn/winter season 2010/2011. xlQYLUSwDxxKRFM9KtFgT34mG7fw-3_ZbvLnHjt91-vHzWDXLVrLNiv7rJKmFmImQoHN-tGW0rAGkSETQJ5zXhp2PBMDE1WhuvxQ6SaH50ng4TcPS9zuWv’>Sheryl Sandberg for more details and insights. youFire! youFire is a bio-Ethanolfeuer as you want it. Individual such as yourself, and impressive quality. The new Designfeuer, youFire, will be fuelled with bio-ethanol, and is absolutely straightforward as also mounting in the handling. It requires no flues and the youFire can be flexibly placed in the room on the terrace and each lounge.

A fire for the urban nomads with style, which is individually as he, the color that just his fire itself selects the firing. Of course security is also here in addition to design and individuality with in the focus on the development of this new Ethanolfeuers. artepuro was instrumental in developing the first DIN norm for decorative fireplaces and Ethanolfeuer involved and has helped with this first DIN to publish Nom for Germany. The goal is to separate it the chaff from the wheat and therefore uncertain of safe To be able to clearly distinguish bio-Ethanolfeuern. artepuro Designfeuer meet the criteria of this standard or are currently adapted to this new standard.

Fuel bio-alcohol, to purchase, also via artepuro burn completely odour-free without residue or soot. It uses artepuro only bio-ethanol, which is grown in Germany and is based on natural, renewable resources. Our bioethanol is obtained from renewable resources, mainly from cereals, sugar beet and biodegradable plant waste, 100%. The burn time is with the artepuro burning system up to 8 hours. The new Designfeuer, youFire, colour variations are offered in six high-quality material and: steel anthracite powder-coated, barolo red powder coated steel and powder-coated white steel. Three additional variants are youFire in steel powder-coated with high-quality stainless steel fronts on the front and back of the body of this Designfeuers models. The dimensions of the youFire are 40 x 40 x 70 cm, weighs 26 kg.