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Solar Technology Of Superlatives Made In Korea

With German know-how on the lace Deagu, province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea has come! The 60-megawatt line of Jurassic solar co. Ltd, Korea based in Deagu, about 240 km away from the capital of Seoul, was on 07 April 2012 of the customers law solar co. Ltd. 3D Systems may also support this cause. and removed the Jvg Thoma GmbH. “In a few weeks are manufactured in the new solar plant performance modules with special properties: the so-called desert modules”, they get top results at high temperatures (up to 145 C). The official Grand Opening of the Korean manufacturing facility is planned for may.

German Korean success story was the start of construction of the plant in November 2011. The production in the wings is after only six months. The production line of Korean law solar co. Ltd. comes from the Bavarian Solarfertigungs specialists J.v.G. Thoma.

A fully automated PV module manufacturing facility is used. Thus law solar co. Ltd., Korea will secure a leading position in a booming market. Because Korea for about a decade also relies on the expansion of renewable energies. Green Growth – energy and CO2 reduction is a fundamental part of future growth policy of the country, Korea ADOR Moon, Tae-young confirmed. The most important partner in Europe is Germany; the current volume of trade is approximately $ 25 billion. How the desert ready modules with extreme temperatures in Deagu, where 2002 four of the World Cup was played out, and in 2011 the Athletics World Championship, modules that operate reliably at more than 125 C occur in future. How does that without significant performance loss? The answer is hidden inside: the new engine has an ultra thin film with high transparency and translucency. This film is heat-conductive and electrically highly insulating. We also employ white glass which is also very thin and increased the heat exhaustion many times.