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Stadtwerke Leipzig

HFO energy GmbH markets SauberGas as a Distributor. Dealer interested in more information, of the farm-based energy distributor HFO energy GmbH, get a direct cooperation with the company launches clean energy. We are pleased about this new partnership. HFO energy offers enormous development potential, especially in the business customer segment”informed Michael Ruffert, Managing Director of clean energy GmbH & co. KG. With the innovative product GAS is clean the SE clean energy GmbH & co.

KG the new player in the nationwide competition of gas supplying households and commercial customers with environmentally friendly gas products since February 2010. CLEAN energy stands for a consistent combination of ecology and economy. CLEAN GAS offers an eco gas tariff, which guaranteed a share of bio gas by 5% and will be continuously expanded in the next few years. Clean gas very interesting pricing models with price guarantees offers just for medium-sized business customers, this estimate both our customers as well as Distributors’ reports Alexander Albert, Managing Director of HFO energy GmbH. The HFO energy company was founded in 2009 in court. The HFO energy GmbH has developed nationwide since its inception as one of the largest independent energy broker. In conveying the company specializes the neutral marketing of electricity and gas tariffs. In addition, HFO energy provides a comprehensive portfolio of LED lamps. The HFO energy provides more than 18 different vendors in the meantime: optimal Grun Charity, SauberGas, FlexStrom, TeldFax, GoldGas, Lichtblick, lekker energy, Vattenfall, EGT Energiehandel, Stadtwerke Leipzig, Wakker gas, Maingau energy u.w.