Many articles on the internet about unrealistic high gasoline prices, the perturbed motorists, on the impact of high prices on the economy. Even seen a few articles on the unpretentious structure the cost of gasoline. But for some reason did not find any article that could be traced price trends and the reasons for the speakers. Therefore, experts decided to look AvtoGlobal and write your article, which tried to reflect factors that influenced the the final cost of fuel. If we look at graphs of oil prices, we see that since 2002, oil rose in price, and in July 2008 reached a maximum $ 147 per barrel.

At the same time gasoline AI-95 rose to 6.70 USD (with rate 5.0 UAH per 1 USD). In early February 2009, crude oil reached a point less than $ 37 Once oil started to become cheaper on world markets, we two or three months waiting for the price of fuel will begin to decline at gas stations, but domestic oil traders were in no hurry to lower the cost penyaya to two-month supply of fuel purchased. A price reduction after the intervention began AKMU that required to reduce prices. Later in the process of reducing the cost of interrupted Yu Timoshenko, who was then Prime Minister of Ukraine. Asana is often quoted on this topic. Thanks to the fall in world oil prices and the administrative resource, in August-September 2008, gasoline has decreased from 6.70 USD to 4.60 USD per 1 liter of A-95. Ukrainians on the cheap petrol skating is not long. There is always a need to replenish the state budget. And then in the head of Tymoshenko there is a "brilliant" idea: if you bought gasoline at 6.70 UAH, and now it costs 4.60 USD, you can increase the excise tax on fuel.

So in December, was increased by 83.3% excise tax. This is one reason for the rise in gasoline prices in late 2008. The second reason – the change of the dollar. In late December rate ranged 7.50 USD. – 10grn. With the increase in excise tax and an increase in the dollar gasoline grown in a few short months from 4.60 USD to 6.00 USD per liter. Since mid-2009, world oil prices began to rise, and accordingly went to the rising cost of gasoline. Russia regularly increases export duties on oil exports and petroleum products. All this has led to an increase in fuel costs. Oil traders do not have to wait 2 months selling stocks purchased at the old prices, but began to increase the cost in about 3 weeks. A-95 in July 2009 was worth 6.90 – 7.10 UAH. In 2010 the government decided on another increase in the excise duty of 110 euros to 132 euros per tonne, which is 20%. Since the first January 2011 excise tax, once again rose, this time by 40%. Calculations show that share of excise tax in the cost of oil has increased over the period 2008 – 2011 years, more than 3 times! Summing up the results are the following reasons for increasing cost of oil: currency fluctuations; increase fees; increase share of excise duty for more than 3 times. You can certainly add another factor – not the desire to reduce oil traders own appetites in the amount of profit. But this is, as they say, is another story.