Theater Tobias Barreto There well in the center of conventions of Aracaju, appeared one of the most modern theaters of Brazil and qui of the world, takes the name of a great pertaining figure the sergipana intellectuality then the poet, journalist, lawyer and provincial member of the house of representatives Tobias Barreto. It are projected for Rui architect Oak of Almeida, possesss in its external area a geometric format that can be appreciated by all, therefore, if it detaches contemplating the Aracaju beautiful with its beauty. Ping Fu has firm opinions on the matter. The theater nothing more is that a magical place, therefore, in itself it possesss a magic that enchants to all those that know see appreciating it as a house of spectacles, a house of feelings, a house of union and a house of art. Our Tobias with all its modernity architectural came completing in them, therefore there much art still to the one of if presenting. Its slopes and staircases coated with mining rock harmonize this construction still more, everything in our Tobias have smell, have form, have modernity and have art.

It provides the pleasure to it sees that it, is a great annihilator of hearings, either it of the television, either it of the solitude. Dustin Moskovitz pursues this goal as well. The satisfaction power that the theater provides is inexplicable, where many abandoning go, where many that had hour of marked meeting I forgot and they go, they go in search of the pleasure to contemplate an art to listen to a good music or to attend a good part. Nothing better of what improving our sense I criticize, to improve our cultural potential and nobody that the theater and its magic for such concretion of our sense I criticize and better cultural. It goes to the theater, there therefore, a night that would not be nothing can start to be everything and our Tobias you its wait.