You woke up one morning and decided – all will be the designer! And the truth is, the worse I have the million people claim to that title. Like someone said I was a good draw childhood, but in general can be a webmaster, there you can do without arts education. Or maybe you just offered a good job at the firm relative / friend, yes, or just want to do close affair which interests you have for a long time. Then this article should help. Of course, the one who considers himself dokoy in graphic design, and ate more than one dog at the same time, this manuscript can and have fun, but man, the first time departing surf boundless expanses of clip art, design resources and their own imagination, all this is useful. I laughingly recall a time when they told me – Well, you'll now designer. Here's your computer, sit down and we worked this and that then – and I do not even know how to properly turn on and off the computer, not to mention that would write a file to a floppy disk or to prepare a calendar to print.

At that time there was the normal course of design in our city, and even cell phones were in One unit, and the owners of computers seemed to be general inhabitants of heaven. Now everything is much simpler – gone to the Internet, read what you need and go for the job. I had to learn by trial and error, and no end to ask, ask people knowledgeable in the design a little.