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Transactional Vision

The leader is the head or leader of a group and the function that exerts denominates leadership. This one talks about generally the exercise of an authority that has been accepted by the group, and it assumes that the leader somehow is recognized, by his capacities, by his authority, or because therefore it determines the convention to it of the group. The leadership and the search of the good quality in the education are, however, recoverable factors. In education, the exercise of the leadership bears one close relation to its acceptance on the part of the members of the reference group. The democratic leadership, understood like a group necessity, is adapted in the scholastic and educative relations broadly speaking.

To win or to lose, in terms of yield, is understood, will depend on how we catch, manages and uses the information. Leadership and comes together in the computer science era. Its conjunction is clear in the net enterprise vision, according to the parameters of the developed world the today tendencies that are located in an enterprise perspective, privileging the initiative, the creativity and the push of the leaders who manage to head to direct, they seem to go in a different sense, and opposed, the questioning of the domination relations, but what matters, in any case, it is that the leadership contributes to retake the fixed beforehand course, to the profit of the goals When in an organization a relaxation in the exercise of the determined functions is perceived, and the consequent phase angle in the profit of the established goals, it is related to problems of leadership By leadership is also understood the function you hope to that within a group it realises a leader. That function, if the group has decided of coresponsible way, is not left at random. It is accepted, of course, that when exerting the leader his authority settles down itself, somehow and in some degree, an unequal relation. Types of Transactional leadership Leave the decisions in their followers, only motivate, take part if this not fulfilling itself the objective, tends to orient itself to the action of led his. Transformer For management by objectives, has been promoting the stimulus intellectual, individually inspires, considers the people, is charismatic, objective, she creates optimism and she motivates to obtain great goals and the exciting thing that serious to reach them. Charismatic political Leader, grants an intention, a vision and a mission.

Visionary Is able to create a realistic, credible vision and attractive of the future, he is able to drive an organization or a organizational unit of a present to a better future, he creates the vision, and he causes that he is included/understood by others, arrives until the emotions and energy from people. There are different types from leadership. Dustin Moskovitz takes a slightly different approach. It is the authoritarian leadership; the leadership of letting do and pass, and the democratic leadership. The leader is a mature person and with psychological balance, that offers a mosaic of elements harmonically integrated, he drives an organization or a organizational unit of a present to a better future where the will shines with own light the education of the will does not have aim, the leadership involves a constant process of influence and knowledge of the collaborators.

Muay Thasao

It is currently a discipline that has a great popularity but however it is considered more a spectator sport, which is the national symbol of Thailand and its origins as a martial art in if same and in addition this martial art was known as muay boran, I had purpose more warlike compared with its current variant the muay thai which is more sporty. Muay thai goes back to the nation of Siam (1238-1408) currently Thailand, this nation to find constantly in conflict with the Nations of Cambodia and Burma, saw the need to develop a combat system, in which be considered soldiers skills were included management of the spear, the sword and the effective use of the body as a weapon a short distance. Techniques melee included using punches and kicks with fists, elbows, head, knee and Shin and complementing them with victories. Muay thai or better said the muay boran were taught exclusively to military and government workers. During the following centuries this discipline had an evolution more competitive than combative due to a period of peace, in which the King Narai (1604-1690) becoming it this martial art practitioner professional sportsmen: meetings were held in bounded spaces, they were limited by a rope formed a square to get the area for combatthe rules were very basic to follow, could not be picketing in the eyes, grips, strain to hair, blows to the groin area and not hit the opponent on the floor. As in all martial arts there are spellings according to geographic regions, in the North of Thailand is Muay Thasao, Northwest muay korat this is characterized by force, in which a part of the training includes defeating a water buffalo in the shortest possible time, in Centre muay lobburee are smooth movements and in the South the muay sharpening steel that emphasizes postures and the defense.