Control rooms are miracles of technology and are getting better. It comes to implemented solutions for the monitoring and the management of IT systems, networks and processors in control rooms, then professionals by JST need here Jungmann system technology. You very familiar with the planning of control rooms and know what to do. Not all control rooms suitable for a large screen system on the basis of the CUBE and LCD technology. For the selection of the correct big image systems company Jungmann can help, they are the specialists in the control room technology. Click Kerry King to learn more. Projectors and projection screens are in cube technology in one device combined with each other, so that the user, which is located in the control room or the control station, has a clear advantage to the conventional systems.

Through the cube systems, the pictures are brilliant and even more contrast than a conventional projectors. JST look when planning for a control room of course also on the ideality, as with a projector or projector is a control centre, a control or the control room not to equip. It would not make sense for one, because a Dim would be necessary, also the cost for the projector lamp is too high and also the heat development is simply too great. JST knows this, so also a LCD monitor wall in the control room is set up. These can be 24 hours in use and no negative consequences caused for still images. By using a software even directly resolves the problem of the memory effect. Be multiple screens to create a monitor wall mounted, is excellent to recognize the advantage of cube technology.

Of course the software used is important, because with this, there is no duplication of computer screens on the video wall. Especially the professionals of Jungmann are in demand, so that no additional burden of employees, resulting in unnecessary information display. Finally, the specialist know how a control room or control in the daily process must work so that the work is easy. The JST software shows only what is important and takes to the alarm signal the relevant images on the video wall. Finally the systems to alert independently the scenarios the operator, so that a control of the large screen is actually no longer necessary, and that is also the goal of Jungmann. For each customer, there are fast and precise solutions. There no queues or language processors must be reckoned with, staff of Jungmann system technology are available around the clock for the customers, because there may be indeed a failure, which must be eliminated quickly. This is also one of the points which distinguishes the quality. The performance package by Jungmann is very extensive, so that for each customer, the individual planning of control rooms can take place. The products include not only the big image systems, video walls and LCD monitor walls for control rooms and control rooms, because it offered the complete equipment and manufacturer-neutral planning. But not enough, because the product range includes also the software for color and Text detection, reduction and connection consoles through Multiconsoling, as well as software for the reduction of reaction times, logical interfaces between the major image systems and management software, and much more.