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Taste And Odor. Water Purification

Water can dissolve different substances, giving it different tastes and smells. Humans and other animals have developed senses which are (more or less) to give them an opportunity to assess the suitability for drinking water, avoiding water which is too salty or putrid. People also prefer cold water, warm water, because cold water is likely to contain fewer microbes. Advertised in spring water or mineral water flowing from minerals dissolved in it: pure H2O is tasteless and odorless. Advertised purity of spring and mineral water refers to the absence of toxins, pollutants and microorganisms.

Water purification may also give the water its original properties. Waste water treatment – a set of measures to remove pollutants contained in municipal and industrial wastewater. Purification of several stages: mechanical biological physico-chemical disinfection of sewage sometimes. Ping Fu has plenty of information regarding this issue. Performed pre-treatment received at the wastewater treatment plants in order to prepare them for the biological treatment. On a mechanical stage is retention of insoluble impurities. Performed pre-treatment received at the wastewater treatment plants in order to prepare them for the biological treatment.

On a mechanical stage, the detention insoluble impurities. Structures, mechanical wastewater treatment: the lattice (or UFS – self-cleaning filter device), and sieves; sand catchers, primary clarifiers, membrane elements. For the detention of large contamination of organic and mineral origin are used for grating and a better allocation of coarse particles – sieve. The maximum width of the grating is Prozorov 16 mm. Refuse screenings or crushed and directed to co-processing with precipitation treatment facilities, or are transported to the place of processing of solid household and industrial waste. Then the effluent passes through sand catcher, where the deposition of fine particles (sand, slag, broken glass, etc.) under the influence of gravity and zhirolovki, which is removed from the surface of hydrophobic substances by flotation. Sand from the sand traps are usually stored or used in road works. In Recently, membrane technology is a promising method for wastewater treatment. Wastewater treatment using advanced membrane technology is used in combination with traditional methods, for a deep cleaning of drains and return them to the production cycle. 1 thus purified wastewater transferred to the primary settling tanks for separation of suspended solids. BOD reduction of 20-40%. As a result, mechanical treatment removes 60-70% of chemical contamination, and BOD5 is reduced by 30%. In addition, the mechanical cleaning step is important to create a uniform motion of the waste water (averaging) and to avoid fluctuations in effluent on the biological stage.

Information Technologies

All Russian schools has recently been equipped with computer labs, which allows not only full classes and computer access to the Internet, but also to use in learning and knowledge control different types of modern technology. Of course, multimedia projectors and interactive whiteboards so far not found in every school, but as they say, the process has begun. And a great example of – the active involvement of technical means of training the next generation of guidelines for the conduct of classes and extracurricular activities, the desire of teachers to develop new equipment. This trend in education has been called "Information and communication technology" or "ICT". Technique can be used in the study of any school subject. Experience shows that the competent use of ICT teacher significantly increases students' interest subject.

Presentation, held on the big screen using a multimedia projector, help the teacher better understand the process and results of experiments to conduct virtual tours on all geographical areas and the best museums in the world. Children can see firsthand how the rich flora and fauna of the earth, seeing not only the panorama was taken, and macro shots of any living creature or a natural phenomenon. In schools that do not have yet its own projections in the role of the transmitter signal using computers, from which information is displayed on a monitor or LCD TV. Experienced teachers are warning that the use of ICT must be justified by the quality footage, the theme of the lesson. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dry Harbor. As simple records and outline the conclusions of the lesson is quite possible to communicate to students in the traditional way. Build block diagrams, display algorithms, prove theorems and laws it is better together with the class, using the usual entries, or an interactive whiteboard. But the multimedia projector – a good support for learning processes in the microcosm or astronomical objects. A computer with a webcam – great decision to show the teacher "small" experiment.

To make it clearer exactly how the lesson can be used ICT, we give some specific examples. Show the children how the earth at the same time and day pass night by using the removal of images from the web cameras in their respective time zones. During chemical reactions on the screen showing all the characteristics of the participating agents. Scales and interactive whiteboard linked. And what a space for teachers of technology! Now students can see large, clear drawings, and high-quality slides and films about the history of fashion, style and interior. For teaching needlework and cooking The Internet offers a huge number of master classes that make children a genuine interest.