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Advertise on the Web 2.0 TILL.DE organized Internet Forum with a focus on social media and Internet law Braunschweig, the July 12, 2010 at the 02.09.2010 TILL.DE performs again Internet forum its successful free information event, this time with a focus on social media and Internet law. The event deals with the possibilities of social networks and shows companies how this opens new target groups and bind leave existing customers. The event is complemented by lawyer Jens Stanger, who will give a lecture on the subject of Internet law specialist in this time. The event will take place at 19:00 in the Carl-Miele-Strasse 4 in Brunswick. The number of participants is limited. The registration can be made at the following link: forum. The Internet has become a huge relevance in the private and economic sectors. In recent years, great importance has come to especially social networks like Facebook, Twitter and XING.

Now use this alone in Germany more than 20 million people and similar platforms. 60% of the largest brands in Germany now fulfill the tremendous potential of the creative communities”. But also small and medium-sized enterprises can benefit from the power of peer-to-peer networks. The advantages are obvious: a this kind of advertising form requires little capital investment. On the other hand, the positive multiplier effect, as well as recommendation marketing is used. How does one but, to build up a strong community? A coherent concept and following certain rules in the network lead to success. Joachim Schroder, a Google certified by 5 seminar leaders for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, runs through the event. He reveals his insider knowledge and introduces the participants to the world of Web 2.0.

Also the topic plays a major role right on the Internet for Web page owners, the guest speaker, Jens Stanger enlighten the participants about the pitfalls of using third-party content on your website and explains the legal requirements at the To comply with email marketing are. The lecture introduction includes social media potential of social media social media platforms Internet law then the topics the participants have the opportunity for discussion and exchange of experiences. Jens Stanger is a lawyer in the Brunswick Office Dr. Abdulrahman and partner. As specialist lawyer for IT law he advises companies on Internet sites in the field of eCommerce and software projects. Since its inception in 1996 the Brunswick full service Internet Agency TILL.DE realized projects in the areas of individual programming, design and relaunch of websites and online marketing successfully. TILL.DE is a Google qualified company. Strength lies particularly in the flexibility specifically and individually to customer requirements to be able to respond. TILL.

Extraordinary Cynora

Informative, clearly structured and adapted to the needs of the users: The cynora GmbH is now online with a new look. Karlsruhe since today is online: the new website of cynora GmbH. Now, visitors to the site have an easier entry into the relevant and interesting topics. With just one click on one of the three entry buttons, the user receives direct access to all information. Spectacular images from the work of cynora GmbH round off the website.

Content and structural redesign the new structure of the website content be represented by clearer and easier to read. Whether the respective Internet users learn about the history of cynora, learn more about the technology of organic electronics or read the latest news of the company would have on the home he finds the appropriate entry in the world of development and research of cynora GmbH on first glance. The logical and clear navigation on each page quickly leads to the visitors the desired content on the bases. Extraordinary and amazing images accompany visual enhancement of the month”the work of cynora GmbH. So surprising recordings in experiments with organic semiconductors in the laboratory caused in part. Picture of the month cynora shows in regular rotation in the category of”these images. So, visitors to the site can enjoy such as coloured shining crystals a cynora emitter material or organic semiconductor materials, that glow under black light radiation in the same colour as in finished OLED components. With OLED technology, already surface light source and color-brilliant displays for TVs and Smartphones can be establish. The cynora GmbH contributes significantly to this development with their work. If you want to look at the newly redesigned website, or want to know more about the cynora GmbH and the technology of the future, look nevertheless simply times purely:.

So Thomas Filges

The offroad sports motorcycle has a new home on the Web compared to the large series of street racing with off-road X.de, certainly are called sports as a fringe sport to watch. What makes a very special portal OFFROAD-X.de. A fact which is absolutely intentional. Certainly OFFROAD-X.de with its focus on the pure offroad sports motorcycle is a very special portal,”said Thomas Filges, owner of the TF webmedia and is responsible for off-road X.de. But we opted deliberately for this topic. There are motor sports portals on the Web enough, but hardly one reported and informed in the diversity sought by us over the pure Offroad range. I believe personally that just the Motocross sport in Germany wrongly referred to as fringe sport, increasing viewership, for example in the ADAC MX masters, make this clear. Procter & Gamble often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

This series lists some more viewers than some other sporting event not referred to in the media world as a fringe sport.” So Thomas Filges next. The new online service but want to to be understood not only as pure news portal. But also as a kind of service portal on the teams, organizers and associations about their activities can inform. Just for organizers is a calendar available in in advance information for spectators or participants can deploy and this completely free of charge. Especially at the beginning, we rely heavily on the cooperation with associations, operators and all those dealing with the topic of public relations in their area. Unlike a portal of its kind in its start-up phase and in these difficult economic times cannot be, or fill with content, just barely. Slayer gathered all the information.

Our goal is but to own editorial powers to be able to rely in the future.” Pursuing an ambitious goal of which Thomas Farah here. A look at the consistent overall concept, is this objective but appear achievable. We show whether OFFROAD-X.de is as a portal of its kind in the Internet can claim and establish the future. Is to achieve the portal at press contact: Thomas Farah E-mail:


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