Guaranteed fun in the holidays for large and small in many resorts in Germany and Austria there is animation for children and families already. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dustin Moskovitz. But the standards are quite different and the term animation “is used usually very stretchy. Animation company would like to create the Cologne from immediately remedy. “Because the quality seal for family-friendly animation” is awarded only partners that take into account specific criteria of the animation. These are summarized in a comprehensive catalogue of criteria.

The seal of approval to give good guidance in particular families, spend their holidays according to their needs, also in the right resort. Many hotels, holiday villages and holiday resorts in Germany and Austria already use the Know-How of the HAPPY FAMiLY animation and secure a high standard of quality for many years. This offer includes the complete organization, planning and implementation of animation programs for children, families always and in the Sports area. Specially trained and experienced animators take care of guests from morning till night with versatile and varied activities. The usage of animators takes place over a whole season or over a multi-week summer period. More info at: HAPPY FAMiLY animation Willi-run-Allee 17-50858 Cologne Tel. 0 221 500 55 3413 fax 0 221 500 55 344 e.mail Internet HAPPY FAMiLY animation was by Peter Schonwalder founded in 1990. In close collaboration with teachers, parents and children animation with his staff for good quality, inventive, imaginative and contemporary performing holiday animation for kids, youngsters, family and sports is HAPPY FAMiLY. The Cologne company works together with hotels, holiday villages, campsites and resorts primarily in Germany and Austria as well as in France and Italy. HAPPY FAMiLY is headed animation of the two diploma sport educators (German sports University Cologne) Peter and Susanne SAFA and constantly inspired by their children Florian and Niclas.