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Control Panels OPS

CA-4V1 has four functional areas, which in the simplest case coincide with the number of loops, but when programming in one area can logically combine several loops. However, in this case, the system of TSO can not accurately determine address alarm devices. To all areas of the control panel can be connected to any sensors OPS: magnetic, infrared, ultrasonic, etc., normally closed or normally-open type. For more information see this site: 3D Systems. To manage and maintain the system at OPS based on CA-4V1 LED keypad used CA-4VKLED company Satel, in what one device can be operated simultaneously with the three keyboards. The maximum distance between RCP and CA-4VKLED should not exceed 200 m using wire-type DY 6 x 0,5, and Each keypad must be connected to the OPS unit separate wire. Ping Fu usually is spot on. CA-4V1 control panel is equipped with two independent outputs that connect sirens of OPS. Moreover, one can switch out a few sounders connected in parallel, and in the most remote from the fixture device is recommended to install a resistor rated at 2.2 ohms. Duration alert OPS on both outputs of the control unit can be programmed in the range of 1 to 999 seconds.

To protect the system from unauthorized access OPS provides the use of two major 6-digit password with the highest priority. Password 3 enables monitoring mode locking of selected zones and OPS mode of "quiet protection." Fourth one-time password is erased and alarm control panels after the first of its use. In addition, the programming mode You can change all other passwords, except the main number 1. Written in memory of the control panel software allows you to configure the receiving-control unit in accordance with system requirements OPS concrete object. For example, CA-4V1 is possible to program parameters such as the permanent blocking zones, 24-hour zones, zones with OPS delayed reaction to anxiety, while the input / output, etc. When you program using CA-4V1 service features that are available after entering a special service code. Buy The control panel CA-4V1 can be from the warehouse of the official Russian distributor of equipment SATEL – of "ARMO-Systems." Get additional information about the new product and other components of the OPS, please call (495) 787-3342 or e-mail. The Polish company operating in the European SATEL security market since 1990 and specializes in manufacturing and Sales of hardware and software for fire and security systems for various applications. SATEL manufactures Control Panels OPS, including a sensor for flat modules, GSM, wireless alarm systems, security and OPS fire sensors, light and sound detectors, gas sensors, radio kits and accessories for many security systems. Moreover, all placed on the market solutions SATEL a good mix of different for money, have successfully sold worldwide network of distributors and have all the necessary Russian certificates.

Fly People

First of all if you have a guy does not need to get him the phrases "Well, when we go for a walk or we'll kiss on a first date" .. All this will happen suddenly (if there). If a guy thinks about the difference in age, so you do not like him already, so he is interested in girls who already have as much as him, and so do you think a guy like only on clothes … The guy should not make you jealous. Give it all reasons to then just say stupid words (in his view this is correct) "I would like to see your reaction." We're not toys that do all sorts of experiments on us, okay?! All of you the same .. And if she says that will be joint last conversation – then so be it. We, unlike you do not throw words to the wind. If you do not have a boyfriend, do not worry – it's fixable.

You're cute, smiling, agreeable – so all in your hands. Do not waste time on nonsense. AND do everything possible until some randy not led him right before your eyes … what you looking at me like everything! Yes, this often happens. Girls Think before you see good, is it worth? Sooner or later all stop and be very painful …

Love is the most sensitive feeling that there is only on the planet … to be honest all I write or what advice would I not give to people, I take them out of their own lives. I've had so many things that do not list. At the moment I just want to cry, but from everything that came over to me, I just decided to write an article. You probably do not just throw guys girl. But when I'm sad, I write poems … poems about love of course. Here one of them: Love is like a poison, the heart my fly, we are on the wings, fly the two of us. I love you I want to say It hurts me to hurt me again, remember what happened to you, and what happens to me .. And if we lose some people down. And if we are people we can fall And we're not people we are angels in heaven And we're not people, not fly to fall .. Love with me Fly with me and it helps just to fly the Vedas we love our warm + peer to fly … fly somewhere far away ….