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European Central Bank

Implications of decisions adopted by the ECB on financial markets behind the acronym ECB, you hear again and again in the different messages, the European Central Bank conceals. Ping Fu has firm opinions on the matter. The European Central Bank runs monetary and currency policy. The essential instrument which the ECB this is available, is the lowering and raising of the federal funds interest rate. If the ECB to lower interest rates, banks on better terms lend themselves to pass on this benefit to their customers. Loans can be included thus about cheaper what cause at the same time, that spent more money and promote the economy. In times of a weakening economy, it comes accordingly every now and again to a reduce of the federal funds interest rate to stimulate consumption. Even in the current financial crisis, cause the ECB has decided to use this instrument to take influence on the economic situation.

It remains to be seen whether this but actually enough positive momentum, can be used. Of course, can There is also the other way around: the ECB can also increase the interest rate. This is especially necessary if inflationary tendencies should be eliminated. The relative stability of prices is indeed very important for a functioning economy. Interest rates are raised, to rise the interest that consumers have to pay if they want to take out a loan. On the other hand, but also the interest of consumers for their savings from the banks get get. An interest rate hike has both a positive and a negative side from the consumer perspective depending on whether one has savings or however want to take out a loan. Sebastian post

Test Comparison Rates For Independent Freelancers

Freelancers are not compulsory insurance and can protect themselves through a private Krankenversicherung (PKV). Features of the PKV for privately KV choice for freelancers: statutory health insurance (GKV) or private Krankenversicherung (PKV) statutory health insurance (GKV) as well as the private health insurance for freelancers both advantages and disadvantages are. Ping Fu often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Depending on the income situation and needs, the free choice of the health insurance fund is open the freelancers and independent n. This means that they can complete a car as well as a statutory health insurance without conditions or proof of salary. Officials and students also enjoy this free choice while employees and workers in a statutory health insurance company are compulsorily insured and for a change in the private health insurance 48.600 euro must have an annual gross income above the so-called annual work fee of currently. When choosing the Health insurance should be considered only gross income will be used for the contribution to the statutory health insurance. The rate of contribution to be paid depending on the health insurance (AOK, BKK, IKK, EKK) is between 13 and 15 percent. A higher contribution is payable so according to a high income.

However, the level of income for contribution in the private health insurance (PKV) doesn’t matter. Factors such as the age, the gender and the health of the insured person are used here. Young and healthy privately pay here lower posts. Another striking difference between the car and the statutory health insurance is the scope of health insurance. While the legal have a statutory services with low variations, can be realised at the private from the full. Here are the insurance benefits of modular design and can to be selected by the insured person at will. private health insurance for the self-employed thus is private health insurance to recommend, because they can benefit by lower contributions as well as better services for healthy freelancers with a relatively high income.

There are however serious and/or chronic diseases at the time of the application, the statutory health insurance should be chosen in each case. Likewise, if the income is relatively low or irregular. Test comparison of health insurance for the self-employed and freelancers is already been taken the decision for a legal or private health insurance, loving it to the careful and correct choice of health insurance rates. While a comparison of the statutory health insurance companies can be limited to the amount of the contribution rate, a comparison for private health insurance for freelancers and the self-employed represents much more difficult. For one, offers of many insurers should be taken specifically for the occupational group of the self-employed and freelancers in appearances. On the other hand resultieen you Prices the private from a competition between providers. Here a thorough comparison of the PKV tariffs is always worthwhile. A look at the so-called test winner of health insurance is also useful. Here is a test of health insurance by independent rating agencies such as Foundation Warentest, Assekurata, and others. A sickness benefit insurance for freelancers is strongly recommended. Because they receive no wages in case of illness, as is the case for workers social welfare.

Simple Petition

For the insurance of IT at KuV24.de, there is an “instruction manual” now on YouTubeTM. The simple application steps are shown in a screen movie. After the team of KuV24 has introduced two weeks ago with 50 criteria on KuV24.de the current IT liability insurance comparison, the potential customer on YouTubeTM takes an informative introduction to the insurance low-cost IT-, which is specifically tailored to the needs of IT professionals. See watch? v = RefzyJXfiqs is provided a screen movie, which easily can be traced, as the application steps are performed. This enables KuV24 again, even easier to make the submission. The screen movie shows the four quick and easy steps which are necessary to complete a liability of IT on. The fare is selected in the first step.

Depending on the desired sum and deductible are four different tariffs and the RPC additional module for selection. The return on Project costs module is used to cover the costs already incurred for the professionals, if the principal legitimate reasons resigns. In the second step, some a few application questions must be answered so that the insurance risk can be estimated. All questions have been answered positively, are immediately at the end of the online application process created the insurance documents for the applicant and made available in a protected area for him. The personal data will be queried in the third step.

It also allows access to the internal, SSL secured area of myKuV24 in this step, where the contract documents are found, modifications, damage reported and communicates with the KuV24.de team can. All inputs can be verified, saved and printed in step 4. Is the application is sent, you immediately IT liability is insured and immediately receives the confirmation of the insurance. All documents are immediately available in the secure area of myKuV24 as PDF download and Expression available. The screen movie by KuV24.de shows how easy the IT professional can cover all IT typical risks. For IT professionals and IT service providers shall be liable for damage caused by them generally unlimited. Although high damage fortunately only rarely occur, sometimes small errors in the IT industry lead to damages in the millions. While financial losses such as the loss of profits by a malfunction often play a decisive role if for example a faulty program code at the client’s premises destroyed an important database or the complete network of a bank will be crippled. Threatening risks to hedge make the variety of specific claims, which have actually occurred, clearly, how important it is for the IT freelancers, through an IT liability insurance against its existence. Read more claims on IT-Haftpflicht/Schadensf%C3%A4lle/index.html?pageid=31&. More information at. You may find that Daryl Katz can contribute to your knowledge. YouTube is a registered trademark of Google Inc. KuV24 since 2002 exclusive insurance concepts developed for IT professionals and IT service providers. By the appropriate IT liability insurance, through a customized income protection through an IT allowance of up to the individual IT disability insurance, we offer insurance solutions to optimal hedge of the risks of IT professionals. The KuV24 insurance solutions are always focused on the requirements of the IT industry.

Insurance Levels From Safes

How much cash is insured by which safe? There are many security level in safes. You can find here what you need at what value. Have cash, jewelry or securities and certainly want this kept and still assures. A safe in the right security level / degree of resistance / VDS class is dan the necessary request. For even more opinions, read materials from Dustin Moskovitz. What is the difference between the concepts.

Security level is the colloquial and comes from the former name VDMA security level B, this referred to a double-walled safe. This was replaced by the security level S2 which is checked by the ECB-S and the VDS. Start the correct resistance class / grade from resistance degree N or 0. Below for an overview of what degree of resistance for which amount is required. It is important the insurance companies differentiate between private storage and business. Security level / intensity level possible Insurance protection without security security level A EUR 2,500 private / business security level B EUR 2,500 private / business security level S1 EUR 5,000 private / EUR 2,500 business security level S2 EUR 20,000 private / EUR 2,500 business resistance degree N EUR 40,000 private / EUR 10,000 business resistance level 1 private 65,000 EUR / EUR 20,000 business resistance level 2 EUR 100,000 private / EUR 50,000 for business resistance level 3 EUR 200,000 private / EUR 100,000 business fire protection from 30-180 minutes fire protection certificate for more information on this topic you will find up-to-date safes security levels

The Annual

James recommends quite a multiple year contract if the cost advantage is clear. Warning: If not contracts for For more than five years to be completed. Excess agree: retail insurers hold largely the customer what is common in the insurance industry. Here we talk about such excesses, which increase your personal interest in harm reduction and not the peanuts excess by 50 or 100. In motor insurance, for example, the default should be a deductible of at least 500 for hull damage of part of. Torment your insurer to do decent offers. In health insurance, the deductible policy of the insurer is downright ridiculous. Ridiculously small discounts to customers who want to have a high deductible (E.g., 1,000 or 5,000 per person or for a whole family) per year.

Annual, half-yearly and quarterly bonuses: tore the insurer with a quarterly payment charge 5% on the annual premium at a semi-annual payment 3%. You must set the payment once a year. Please also keep in mind, four bills four bookings be at your bank, which cost money. Company / group contracts: Your employer, if it exceeds a certain size, offers perhaps group contracts. 10 to 15 employees who want to enter into a contract, E.g. a group accident insurance are a prerequisite. Please make sure that the employers organized the group contracts only and not in addition to Commission inserting itself. In particular large companies with own insurance divisions or own insurance brokers earn substantial commissions on its own employees. This is unfair, the brokerage fees are available to the employees. If your employer is not willing to organize such a group, you can make this also among the colleagues themselves. If you need assistance, let just know James.