FREYLER designed, plans and builds flexible much purpose hall successful, innovative and family-run the Volz Group produces high-quality components for hydraulics and pneumatics and Deilingen is a classic German medium-sized companies. The Managing Director Sigrid Fleig, granddaughter of the company founder, and Dr. If you would like to know more then you should visit 3D Systems. Christoph Fleig attach great importance to a good working environment, motivated staff and excellent reputation. The third generation of entrepreneurs has proven itself not only in terms of image promotion and employee retention. Thanks to new ideas, Volz could expand, doubling the number of its employees and the turnover within a few years. Volz opens today and international markets with new representation offices in Turkey, China and Australia.

Flexibly, quickly and competently the family business now responds to customer requests from all over the world. In hand with our employees we were able to implement quickly and profitably our ideas hand. As a result of the growth, we opted for the purchase of the neighbouring land and Sigrid and Dr. Christian Fleig explain the new building of a further warehouse and production hall\”. Overall, Volz has invested more than five million euros in the new Hall and modern machines. The construction with the rural region development programme was supported. The team of FREYLER Industriebau GmbH to the Projektverantwortlichen Roland tie and Heico heart took up the desires of the clients maximum flexibility, efficient production and logistics processes, as well as a good working atmosphere and thought further. So impressed not only the intelligent concept for the new Hall, but also the master plan, which takes into account later stages and thus secures future growth. We were impressed that FREYLER showed us not only a great solution for the new building, but has presented opportunities for the future in one to five years\”, the business leadership. The specifications of the builders were clearly defined: the new Hall should be flexibly usable and best Provide working conditions.