INTRODUCTION the purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that the Federal State that the national Constitution is not fulfilled in the Republic Argentina. Where he is expresses the distribution of the Treasury public that there must be between the provinces and the national Government. The needs of the provinces are very different because of their geographies are not equal, their possibilities of development are different, their natural resources are different and their populations also. Today the Government of the nation is left with much of the percentage of the tax money and it is there where begins the imbalance and the centralization of power and wealth than to tax this Government to the rest of the Argentine people. To understand how our federal State is born, should roll back to the story. Constituted once the nation was giving a process of legal system that it is difficult to point out with a date.

A milestone in this process was the enactment of the national Constitution, in 1853. Argentina society was developing and considering different problems such as that systems of Government would choose to Yes, where would reside national authorities, etc. The resolution of these and other problems was shaping the legal system which we call State. Their institutions of Government, administration, no they are the result of a single political decision, product of a precise political situation, but with a series of answers to the questions posed by the interests of different social groups that made up and compose the Argentine community. For example the preponderance of Buenos Aires was manifested in multiple conflicts; by way of example I cite that while the Constituent Congress of Santa Fe sanctioned the national Constitution, in 1853, Buenos Aires province constituted a separate State from the rest of the country and did not have representatives in the Congress. This province accepted the Constitution after armed confrontations between the State of Buenos Aires and the Argentina Confederation, which was the name he received the country at that time comprised the rest of the provinces.