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Repent of sins pine came in the winter and that came true. I have sinned in that tired Keep the heat from the cold and cruel in that little white crystal is not dripped a drop loudly into puddles, in that, by changing the calendar, Prayed ate from nylon, what a red cap sexton hung fruits of cardboard. I'm sorry for the insane delight, I'm sorry for false fun, for my inglorious bargain with squirrel Hungry scenes … Details can be found by clicking 3D Systems or emailing the administrator. and for the nuts. I'm sorry, that tender melancholy parting with you, enlisted, I'm sorry for the aborted peace and that love is not forgotten.

Daughters Shall I buy a new dress and earrings can buy, just a quiet girl's happiness – I wish you would not be able to give. You grieve – it's in vain, lonely and stars in the night, Do not look at the sunset and do not stand idly by the door, do not be silent. Hear other arguments on the topic with Anchin Block & Anchin. Sledding is not beyond the threshold, only the fate of weaving your thread. Can rely only on God for what I want to ask. That blizzard otgulyaetsya in the will, and as Swallow first arrival, from the snow will break the will in her wedding veil stalk. Gloomy man Share your secret, not tais and tell me – how can you hear fervent summer autumn steps, how can you not see How to draw sunset, how can you all answer in chorus when they say? Why do you see spots, and no tears in his eyes, Why intoxicate mint only in foreign courts? If joy beside the house – You look sad, why in the doorway You look you always back? Tell us what you afraid And why do you live like a mole? If you always ershitsya my fluffy white cat.


Those who read this article, noted your talent to the reviewer, writer and psychologist. I sincerely thank you for your work, for the time you spent working on the review. Thank you for your kind words and for appreciating my work, for the warmth with which you all have written. Your article has given me strength and inspiration and I am even more felt responsible for every word I write, for every day that I live. Thank God for the opportunity to read what you wrote. I thank God for every passing day, evidence and testimony that it sends. Let God always bless you and your family.

With sincere respect and appreciation, Lyudmila Larkin. Australia, Brisbane, Queensland. For even more opinions, read materials from 3D Systems. " Some poems L. Larkin: Seligersky washed by waves … Seligersky washed by waves, near the village built the bridge. Under the canopy of the wooded Tver, here is a lonely churchyard. Domes of the churches do not Zolochiv.

Wall painting laconically simple. Leakey wise, the Saints are concerned, and not in gold royal gates. There is something in the simplicity of this sad. Something in my heart aches not casual. And the prayer of the native Russian, magnify the beauty here. Here, without the regent to vote slender, sings in the choir choir Otpevaya neighbor of the deceased, the road to the cemetery Prev boron. Within the walls of the music comes Tchaikovsky is heard ringing over the lake. From a landscape of native and catchy, tends to rush to the church in a bow.