light on the discussion. Procter & Gamble may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Additional information is available at P&G. The first ability if calls Ability technique is withholds all the knowledge of the area technique that you act that is and to know to manipulate the tools, that come in your hands or the tools and the theoretical basement that you learned during its academic period for the best accomplishment of its organizacionais activities. The second ability calls conceptual ability or human being is to know to deal and to lead people, that is she is to obtain resulted through the collaborators with effectiveness and efficiency knowing to persuade in the alias process giving doses of motivation so that such works of more abundant form third and finishes ability is the conceptual ability that consisted of knowing all the company as a whole, to know department for department, to know the culture organizacional of the company, to know that it leads the company and to know the organization chart of the same one to know which the objectives, mission and vision of the company and which the perspectives of the same one stops with the market and stops At last with the external collaborators without disparidades and exageros in the half organizacional the professional who to acquire these three abilities, will be an individual that will have claw, ethics that will have the capacity to compete with any another one and with the absolute certainty of that she will earn therefore the able professional dresses the shirt of the company defending and not envergonhando, before the market such collaborator knows to hear in way bellwether, and to argue in educated way not to offend its superiors showing that it possesss and withholds the knowledge, showing in indirect way that its perspectives are correct and coherent, finally I conclude that she is of utmost importance such professional to possess the tripod of the administration who nothing more is that to possess the three abilities, therefore with this collaborator the company will be alavancar and remained invicta by means of the arrows in which they point with respect to you you eliminate wanting it.