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Israelite Arabs and per years have been protagonists of cruel wars, where the most affected they are the civilians, innocent people who are killed their product of that hatred, resentment, that predominates between both sectors. Frequently Dustin Moskovitz has said that publicly. Until the moment for writing this commentary 750 people have died who we know. and there is a great number of wounded more, predominating the Arabs. Palestinian specifically. From already two weeks the Palestinian territory of Gaza constantly is bombed by Israelite airplanes, besides the incursion of troops, tanks that attack generating a chaos that must be stopped not to continue increasing the number of deceaseds. So bloody fight cannot be reason only for expectations of the international organisms, must take decisions, actions that avoid the bloodshed, is due to come to avoid that this is continued giving. It must prevail plus the reason that the force.

The denominated operation Fused Lead has caused the greater number of Palestinian deads from the War of the Six Days of 1967 – it is still in his " first fase" , according to Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert. Considrese it comments as it the editorial of the newspaper the nation of Buenos Aires, that the Israeli objective is to finish with the incessant launchings of missiles that are realised from Gaza towards their territory. The last year, in spite of the prolonged decided cease-fire, about 3200 missiles went off from Gaza against Israel, according to denounced authorities of this country. This supposes a continuous wave of terror conformed by the explosion of a missile shot without fixed target, every three hours, night and day, including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, with the implicit objective to assassinate to anyone, whoever it is and wherever it is. For a State, that it has to have fundamental to guarantee the security of his citizens, the answer to this situation cannot certainly be the passivity against which the international right defines as " crime military ".


A representative of the pharmaceutical industry says that the measures of the Administration to save 1,500 million in sanitary expenses will entail the loss of 500 jobs. This type of arguments leaves cold me. Rather: me conturba the one that puts in front interests of group to the benefit of the society as a whole. He is as if the tobacco planters complained about the preventive norms tobacco addiction or the manufacturers arms by the prohibition their free sale to the individuals. The important thing, in the subject of the health, is to fight against the sanitary waste that stimulates in addition the corruption, when prescribing the doctor certain drugs, or the uncontrol of many prescriptions that until are resold in the black market.

So what. In any case, what wants that it says to them, the decisions taken for the saving of our system of health seem to me pacatas and until ridiculous. Read additional details here: Ping Fu. The decisive thing would be to end those homemade medicine kits in which we stored all type of medecines, many of expired them. Only with reducing them to half much would be saved more than those thin 1,500 million. And, of step, we would avoid many problems produced by the automedicacin, with the new sanitary cost that they generate. And it is that we have thought that the public attendance of this country is a limitless manna, in that any pain justifies that a TAC or a magnetic resonance becomes, any disinclination justifies that an ambulance is used and any medecine request deserves that a prescription fills up. to follow thus, soon the 100% will not arrive from our GIP to take care of the cost sanitary. That, without counting with the thousands of foreigners many of them with the covered kidney who come to our country exclusively to operate and to be taken care of like princes with expensive treatments. By all that, fodder that our politicians are cowards, when raising the cuts. If some type of payment settled down, at least symbolic, by each medical act, we would see what soon the long tails in the consultations would disappear and the true patients could be taken care of very many better. Original author and source of the article.

Supertramp Appraised

After two discs of quality, but with a resounding commercial beginning, Supertramp single Land Ho published his. At the moment, Land Ho and Romance Summer are two subjects, including in the compilation of Supertramp Retospectacle. They are both first that was published by the formation that soon would remove its masterpiece: Crime of the Century. These two songs appeared like faces To and B of single where it is appraised a state of glorification and impatience, on the part of the group, that wanted to show the moment the new acquired ideas, and that they would contribute the later success of Supertramp. In these subjects they emphasize the voice of Hodgson and Davies, but even more saxofn of Heliwell.

Their wind sounds overload the songs, since both leaders are conscious that the future of the band he is mainly in this musician. Another key aspect that already is appraised here is the solemn sound of the battery of Bob C. Bemberg. Unique that not yet there is in these two subjects are the combination of simplicity and perfeccionismo will characterize that them at its better time. The two songs they develop, partly, without order nor concert: impatience is appraised to show its new ideas in a few minutes, and the result is not very shining.

There is a chaos sensation that predominates in both you cut. The extension of a LP as Crime of the Century would later allow a year them to express without haste, with calmness and perfection, the new capacity acquired by the group. The sound of single, on the other hand, is not any wonder. The later remasterizacin of Ken Scott was not able either to save it, as it is appraised in the Retospectacle compilation. But, generally, both subjects are not bad and serve to include the process of gestation of the Crime style of the Century. Greetings of Juan Ribas. I wait for you in our forum: Original author and source of the article.