Since the beginning of the real estate crisis, the million dollar question is none other than how much time it will take to give output to the existing stock. Click Dustin Moskovitz for additional related pages. And in response, the two or three years, now it was passed to the five, as believes Mikel Echavarren, Managing Director of the consultancy area. More optimistic shows Juan Lazcano, Chairman of the employer’s construction company, the National Confederation of construction, who notes that it could be absorbed by the end of 2014 and this will help this year real estate contracted for the construction of less than 110,000 homes, figure lower than the last year. In any case, one of every three homes not sold is for holiday use, mainly, and this market is completely stopped. This means that more than 300,000 homes will require more than five years. Some experts say that up to 20, as suggested from the Garrigues training centre. Indeed, in large cities, there is already an important deficit of new housing.

It is rather complicated to find it in areas well located and with good equipment. Moreover, tourist housing may have a next rebound, since not a few of their buyers are non-residents. So in the Canary Islands, where prices seem to begin to pick up. Regarding the housing situation in Fuerteventura, there has always been a very important price differential between the Canary Islands and Peninsula, with prices much lower in the Islands. This circumstance is incomprehensible, because the problem of the shortage of land in the archipelago is extreme. If to this we add the prices of current crisis, we understand that we are in a unique and unrepeatable situation to buy. Who does not do it when we can find studies from 35,000 euros in Fuerteventura (which have advertised in, a tourist destination with enormous potential? Original author and source of the article.