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Metalforming Industry

new industry software speeds up the sales in the industry of Karlsruhe (PM). In the metal forming industry, costing and quotation are often time-consuming and expensive. In particular customer-specific prices as cost breakdowns and quotation analysis forms complicate distribution. Therefore the intermediate software developer and industry specialist have developed recently tcam a new calculation and offer software for the metal forming industry. Other technologies will also benefit from this new industry software as for example plastic injection, laser cutting, milling and turning. The costing is based on enomic.offer, which was equipped with the know-how and capabilities specifically for the metal forming industry. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Daryl Katz, Canada. The new software supports sales staff in the pricing.

So companies can quickly and accurately create offers and specifically allow for clients and this also with complex products and integrated services. As a result, the sales promptly receive the desired document in the required form. This makes it easier for example participation in tenders where the customer must be in terms of cost. The new industry software leads the sales employees through the quotation process and query the customer request. Individual basic data and system settings to determine what questions need to be clarified.

Details of the components can be restated and supplemented with drawings. Images can be view and edit around them before shipping to the customer if necessary to neutralize. The distribution in the system can document material and pricing information. Furthermore there is the possibility to contact suppliers of individual materials and external services of the system and to evaluate the offers is what makes also the controlling. As a result, the system generates a document in the desired format, specifically: whether as a form of quotation analysis, cost breakdown, or as BOM and routing. The offer data in Microsoft Word and Excel export is possible. If necessary, this can Also in the lead and pipeline management support system. So the sales can monitor and manage appointments and tasks. Further information at Christian Blomberg, intermediate GmbH & co. KG forming technology

Kitchen Testdrive Established

In the kitchen-Studio with safety to the right kitchen who has ever bought a freely-planned kitchen knows how hard it is to make the decision for the right kitchen. How often one wonders in the time between purchase and construction if everything was properly planned, whether it looks good and is ergonomically sensible. If then everything went well when not pleased you but what? The kitchen manufacturer offers the solution, already in the kitchen planning, relax with the trial run of the kitchen. It is now time that we need a new kitchen. Come on, let me look.

“If this sentence in German households has fallen only once a strenuous way often begins. Just when it should be nothing off the rack, some individual a freely-planned kitchen. On average a fitted kitchen is renewed every 20 years completely. To broaden your perception, visit Kerry King. It often begins that is driven by a kitchen Studio in the next. Then produced many drawings, ideas caught you looking forward to the new kitchen. But has decided to stay to himself almost whatever silent doubt if you did everything right. The reason: seen the drawing though, but one can not really imagine it, applies also for 3D projections and the like. Credit: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta-2011. Because it’s just not real.

Solves the problem here the kitchen manufacturer relax new stone in Hesse, Germany. After you got a detailed advice in the Studio kitchen or the kitchen exhibition and created a drawing, you can make a trial run of the kitchen at the factory. This means that the furniture in real size in a separate room be so moved and that you realistically can watch his kitchen as a customer. Managing Director Gerhard Zulch says: our customers are thrilled. The kitchen team did really all the work on this idea. If the furniture in all the rest were pushed by the customer together with the consultants and may the one or the other change to the drawing was made, customers go here with the really safe feeling to have made the right decision. One forward only to the day when our people come to build the dream kitchen. And again, we have reached our goal of customer can sit back relaxed and us trust. “Customers from across Germany have this trust in the kitchen manufacturer. Whether Munich, Hamburg, Leipzig or Dusseldorf, the location of relaxation makes it easy to find his dream kitchen each. In addition to the trial run of the kitchen has relaxation for its kitchens developed an interesting concept the system 65. On this basis, all kitchens are planned and manufactured. This kitchen concept combines highest quality with intelligent ergonomics and space utilization. It is so possible up to 30% more space than in other kitchens to use. Contact: Relax kitchen cabinets – Interior Zulch GmbH Andreas Kuhn in the floodplain meadows 1-3 36286 Neuendorf stone Germany phone: + 49 (0) 6677/92039-0 E-Mail: Homepage:

Arabic German Economic Alliance GERMELA

Leaders from business, law and politics from nine countries of the Middle East form the Economic Alliance GERMELA. The aim of GERMELA is the promotion of economic relations between the countries of the Middle East and Germany to expand foreign investment and international knowledge transfer. Thomas Wulfing this leading personalities from business and law from nine Arab countries won, including Said Hilall Al Busaidy, former President of the Supreme Court of the Sultanate of Oman and Deputy Chairman of the State Council, and Salaheddin Al-Bashir, and others served as Minister of economy and trade, as well as Minister of Justice of Jordan. F Capital Solutions says on the issue. For our short – and long-term development plans in the Arab world, we need the expertise and experience from abroad here supporting us with his profound knowledge on the spot. We have Thomas Wulfing and GERMELA a strong initiator, to establish close contacts with German companies. We want to deepen our existing relationships with international companies such as Novartis, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Deutsche Bahn, Daimler and Bosch”, Sheikh Fahim Al Qasimi, former economy Minister of the United Arab Emirates, summarizes the task of the economic alliance.

“Waka: together with our partners in the respective country offices we employ the long existing economic and political relations directly for activities of German companies, to expand in this future-oriented growth market.” In the Alliance, currently 9 countries are represented such as for example the United Arab Emirates, of Iran, Oman, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia. GERMELA plans an International Congress in Germany in the second half of the year 2013 in Hamburg with the Arab representatives from business and politics as well as business representatives and politicians from Germany. In addition, GER isMELA from the 28.01.2013 31.01.2013 on the annually held Arab Health Dubai present who searched for Medica, the is the second largest trade fair for medical technology, health, pharmacy and dental technology and the largest fair in these areas in the Middle East. About GERMELA GERMELA is an international economic alliance with leaders from business, law, and policy, initiated by the Hamburg firm Wulfing Zeuner Rechel (WZR) in the year 2012. The aim of GERMELA is the development of economic relations between Germany and the Arab countries. With 13 members, rooted in a total of 10 States, has GERMELA via a comprehensive network, which helps German companies in entering the market in the Arab world. Alexander j

Solar Technology Of Superlatives Made In Korea

With German know-how on the lace Deagu, province of Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea has come! The 60-megawatt line of Jurassic solar co. Ltd, Korea based in Deagu, about 240 km away from the capital of Seoul, was on 07 April 2012 of the customers law solar co. Ltd. 3D Systems may also support this cause. and removed the Jvg Thoma GmbH. “In a few weeks are manufactured in the new solar plant performance modules with special properties: the so-called desert modules”, they get top results at high temperatures (up to 145 C). The official Grand Opening of the Korean manufacturing facility is planned for may.

German Korean success story was the start of construction of the plant in November 2011. The production in the wings is after only six months. The production line of Korean law solar co. Ltd. comes from the Bavarian Solarfertigungs specialists J.v.G. Thoma.

A fully automated PV module manufacturing facility is used. Thus law solar co. Ltd., Korea will secure a leading position in a booming market. Because Korea for about a decade also relies on the expansion of renewable energies. Green Growth – energy and CO2 reduction is a fundamental part of future growth policy of the country, Korea ADOR Moon, Tae-young confirmed. The most important partner in Europe is Germany; the current volume of trade is approximately $ 25 billion. How the desert ready modules with extreme temperatures in Deagu, where 2002 four of the World Cup was played out, and in 2011 the Athletics World Championship, modules that operate reliably at more than 125 C occur in future. How does that without significant performance loss? The answer is hidden inside: the new engine has an ultra thin film with high transparency and translucency. This film is heat-conductive and electrically highly insulating. We also employ white glass which is also very thin and increased the heat exhaustion many times.

Stock Market Coach

Stock market coach Markus Frick on the current situation August 27, 2009 at the DAX is today relatively little. It lacks the impulses that come first again in the afternoon, when the Americans intervene in the market. Mostly it now assumes that the DAX first enters a correction phase, because the 5.580 points upwards could not be breached. Is once again said that the exchanges have run hot, and that’s why investors hold back. From 14:30 there will be if the estimate for the US GDP and the data of the initial applications for unemployment benefits in the United States published again exciting. Should it come to positive surprises, then the DAX will take again today the 5.580-points mark in attack. Otherwise the K + S share is now one the biggest losers.

A study by Merrill Lynch and then raised worries about an increase in capital, put the stock under pressure. Merrill Lynch analyst Andrew Stott had referred in his study on the continued weak markets for potash salt and then lowered his earnings estimates for 2009 and 2010. Stock he has reduced that rate target for the K + S from 39 to 38 euro. K + S is in my opinion fall even below 30 euro and an investment not arises here. Generally you should reset currently investments, because upward, not much is to pick up. Even if always the end of the crisis is faked us media side, the reality looks quite different. Already, the federal employment agency has hired 5,000 new employees, and in 2010 also will continue this, shows alone already, on what we can expect: unemployment. Markus Frick important dates for today: 08:10: DE; GfK consumer climate study August 14:30: US; GDP second quarter 14:30: US; First-time applications for unemployment benefits week 14:30: US; Corporate profits, 2nd quarter 16:30: US; EIA natural gas report week 17:00: US; Announcement of 3 and 6-month bills 19:00: US; Auction of 7-year Notes 22:30: US; Weekly financial statement quarterly money supply: China Telecom Corp. Ltd. COLEXON Energy AG Constantin Medien AG DEAG Deutsche Entertainment AG Dell Inc.