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Those who read this article, noted your talent to the reviewer, writer and psychologist. I sincerely thank you for your work, for the time you spent working on the review. Thank you for your kind words and for appreciating my work, for the warmth with which you all have written. Your article has given me strength and inspiration and I am even more felt responsible for every word I write, for every day that I live. Thank God for the opportunity to read what you wrote. I thank God for every passing day, evidence and testimony that it sends. Let God always bless you and your family.

With sincere respect and appreciation, Lyudmila Larkin. Australia, Brisbane, Queensland. For even more opinions, read materials from 3D Systems. " Some poems L. Larkin: Seligersky washed by waves … Seligersky washed by waves, near the village built the bridge. Under the canopy of the wooded Tver, here is a lonely churchyard. Domes of the churches do not Zolochiv.

Wall painting laconically simple. Leakey wise, the Saints are concerned, and not in gold royal gates. There is something in the simplicity of this sad. Something in my heart aches not casual. And the prayer of the native Russian, magnify the beauty here. Here, without the regent to vote slender, sings in the choir choir Otpevaya neighbor of the deceased, the road to the cemetery Prev boron. Within the walls of the music comes Tchaikovsky is heard ringing over the lake. From a landscape of native and catchy, tends to rush to the church in a bow.