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The Actions

Honestly if you don’t open your mind to change and refresh it, you will not be able to assume all these brushstrokes of knowledge and experiences that allow you to work fairly well. The first thing that you need to define is what you want and that are looking for with your project. If this didn’t have it well defined and on the other hand think that you have done them everything and you do not progress, you must refresh mind and start to auto – check you. All ideas are valid even small details are important to place you in the top positions. Nor assume a single criterion or opinion. Study, read, prepare and draw your own conclusions and better yet, show you likewise what do and corrects the actions if necessary. I imagine that you’ve heard someone say that he would do things differently if you were to begin with certain knowledge.

This is true. There are many mistakes that I have made that you could have prevented them. THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE. REUNETE WITH MILLIONAIRES. However there are things that if we did them well from the beginning and that shows good results of the project in such a short time. And it may seem like another small detail but it is not. This preceding sentence may seem somewhat pedantic or discriminator but is not.

Does not mean that you give importance only to those who have money and discriminate the poor although there are two types of poor those who unfortunately suffer by that social condition at our discretion and is difficult to access the daily sustenance and those who wish to be him, just by not generating, or not working. Each of us choose without realizing our social condition. But don’t want to philosophize about this matter, only my interest is to transmit you something of the determination that you need to succeed.