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The Essences

The face the failure can be his solitude of today, a closed bank account, sleep all morning because the work has been lost, the disappointment if anything was the victim of a scam. This is the face that must be rejected and should know that you it’s a temporary face that can recompose as recomposes the countenance fallen with a good diet or relaxation. This thought will open you the doors to the idea of future success. Aspire to overcome, aspire to discover gold nuggets that will appear with the study of their failure. A responsible and objective study that doesn’t have much to do with remembering in a self-indulgent way. Therefore, do not confuse when it comes to resorting to the essences, don’t wait for them to help him forget. Use them as an aid to act as positive impacts to the thought, wait the best help them to think their failure of a positivist mode which arise satisfactory future scenarios.

If you work in a creative way essences, you will notice changes. There is a way to ask for help from the flower, turn their energy their weaknesses into future strengths. That’s to my trial an intelligent position which goes much further that any tranquilizer. To use the essences always aspire to learn the lesson that must be learned and develop the Interior forces that you have. Nietzcche said that it should know what you want and know you want to.

Following my example, if you know that he covets a life partner for you and happy, your solitude today can be a torment, but is a blessing if it is result of having interrupted a couple the would have made life impossible. And the balance of sadness, melancholy in the failure should be stimuli sensory you deserves to retain as a pale reflection but always alert and ready to ignite avoiding him to you fall into a similar error. From our work with Gentian to overcome failure experiences and obtain valuable learnings from them, we can say that failure is not a problem to solve, is a unique key that opens to greatness.