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The Slug – You And I Of II / Author Rainer Sauer

Poem negotiation moves “You and me II”: I don’t move the slug me, every one would be in peace, I love me, if I go the path of truth the slug tender to skinning, vulnerability disclosed any superficial part of open contact with the outside is looking to thousand born, daily hour to hour early death left found in graceful slow, in silence rarely, but reasonably sure one of many the way across the crosses but remains the path of the Sun without prejudice I move me not stay on it to be moved the child wants will refuse, the adults are denied desirable responsibility movement escapes being free it craves from the outside but inside is only stillness silent paralysis is inside the can, ability to do speaks of gifts, and the wool is talent my tilt things I can my loving pursuit there, but I don’t want to do I do much, but can I can not often needed reconciliation loving being with the UN capacity but often also strength and courage is just asked if I can and still not I don’t want to forget how seemingly easy it flows if what I have is a gift and my will no doubt light, if want to and can agree that despite the ease that would not just valuable because finally everything has meaning is truly equivalent, no matter which has serious this sense is important for the mine ‘ love – his every one wants to be at peace, but he does what is needed wishful not honestly targeted if you own peace is not taken done which creates own peace in ourselves is the beginning and the end also for external war is peace on Earth A and O the internal reconciliation here and now is peace redemption in my body on this Earth now and called their own for eternity ‘ wool and the fact without reservation, surrender is required required loving silence in the middle inside create peace, even if it is outside rages without wanting to give up the other love calls us to the To end war, I’m just so Ungewinnbares game to give up to feel that one has gained peace because alone, always with you always with you I and human remains for me, I’m even beautiful forever alone with himself, it with you without a doubt is even ecstatic I’m lonely man but if my gender of people is not near to me I on Earth came, to all-one with you to be no, I feel I know came with all-to be with mine only with you, with me, with all in all I can truly happy and at peace, his I love me I love you fear keeps me distant this truth only love itself leads me to close when I go the way of the truth until his alleged ‘ end when I climb the mountain of wisdom Only yet airy element between me and the sky can see I will recognize limitations of earthly understanding on this needle of knowledge has suddenly no logically ‘ base more reasonable has lost here his sense their place only or jumping in the free space remains Have look at you, dark night insight into your infinity expect the morning, the light effect will take you for a moment forget Announces light of day who apparently brings me peace Zeitenlang that takes your absolute fear into relaxing dismisses me me in one day in the illusion of light space you’re always there, behind it, therein you fill the room, some are vessel of infinity ‘ second broken by the light you’re my light in the dark all born out of you even I. . Perhaps check out Daryl Katz for more information. . . Ping Fu will undoubtedly add to your understanding.