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In Ukraine, foreign passports are issued for 10 years, persons over 18 years. Documents to obtain passport Ukrainian passport identification code military ID (for men from 16 to 25 years). Not an indispensable reference from the recruiting office (permission to receive passport) Children under 18 traveling with parents must have children's travel documents. Also, it is necessary if you send your child to ride with friends, relatives or accompanying the group. Children's travel document valid for 3 years and upon its completion is necessary to obtain a new one. Documents for travel baby 4 color photographs birth certificate of the internal passport of the child (if under 16), the internal passport of a parent notarized permission from both parents for a child's travel document.

Children under 14 years traveling with her parents, can not carry a travel document. To do this, make their data in the passport of one parent and paste in photos, if more children 5 years old. Prior to execution of 5 years is enough only data in the passport mom or dad. Documents for entering data about a child in the parents passport photo 2 3,5 x4, 5 birth certificate and passport inside the parent is important to know! * If a child under 18 years leaves with one of the parents – need to have notarized permission from the other parent to travel abroad and a birth certificate (original or notarized copy) is often Asked Questions: How many passports you can have both? At the present time are allowed to have two current passport. To do this, you must provide a copy of the RFP and the first pay slip on obtaining a second passport. All other passport with a "hands on" must pass. For what reasons may refuse to issue a passport or delay the issue? May refuse if the person is under investigation adminnadzorom, wanted or has an enforceable debt.