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Web Marketing

Internet has largely led to the extraordinariocrecimiento of this means of negotiation. Since the Web ofrececiertos types of this Exchange and at the same time the possibility departicipar in an interactive marketplace, in which reseller or sales costs tend to zero. Also buyers and vendedoresse contact each other directly, thus eliminating restriccionesque are presented in such interactions. In this way, will obtienepublicidad, promotion and service customer tailored through Web in the same way that offers the opportunity to compete on the based specialty, rather than through the price, because quedesde the point of view of marketing, is rarely desirable competirtan only depending on the price. Electronic commerce tries to meet the needs of losclientes based on the benefits that seek, what you mean queel price depends on valuation of the client, and not costs; such opportunities arise when thing offered is different porelementos of marketing other than price, which produces beneficioscargados of value, as for example, the commodity produced by direct elreparto through the electronic distribution of software. Along these new concepts are created different paths in elamplio world of Commerce as they are the pages of anunciosclasificados. These are sites which are inserted ads gratissobre products offered, and in turn they may consult the queofrecen others, i.e. Connect with other leaders such as Brooklyn Commons here. in these places can be clienteso sellers at the same time. It is more common than the range of very varied productossea, since in them we find clasificadosgratis of purchase and sale of mobile ads, flats, houses, cars, computers, bikes, employment, clothing, furniture, transfers, animals, second hand, all this walking distance click, and best is interaccionentre the user and the system since it is extremely simple.