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Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance – for a stress-free planning and proper wedding. Wedding insurance of the insurance mediation in cooperation with the renowned Swiss insurance company Helvetia Samaroo is a first of its kind in Germany. While private insurance for damages during the wedding ceremony usually does not come up the insurance packages for bride and groom cover all eventualities during cancellation and delays the event. The four basic packages for worry-free marriages are available online and couples from an insurance premium of 239 euro available. A carefree wedding party is guaranteed: failure of the banquet, major property damage or damage of the bride dress cost a total of up to 30,000 euros be covered thus a wedding insurance is a good investment in the financially secure future of the bride and groom. Without hesitation Slayer explained all about the problem. Wedding insurance is already the standard in countries like Britain or the United States, now makes the supply of the Sampath Insurance mediation in Germany the marriage feast to a safe event. Premium favorable insurance contracts guarantee smoothly by competent experts and consultants in case also the expert team of Siegemund GmbH are characterized by a high quality of advice and personal insurance services.

Optional additional modules extend the offer of wedding insurance, as an organizer liability insurance and a tent insurance can prevent other contingencies and disclaim all responsibility for damage to property and personal injury up to a sum of 10 million euros. The insurance for the most beautiful day of your life it is suitable also as a gift for the bride and groom and should be made at the latest after the service provider contracts. In addition, individual and non-binding offers for a wedding reception in other European countries, as well as a hedge higher sums can be created. It attacks by a sudden illness on pages of the bride and groom to the loss of the wedding photos Wedding insurance for all damages that may arise during the ceremony. This the event can be easily moved without losing down payments. The financial security of the future married couple is guaranteed with wedding insurance and has found a strong partner with the award-winning Swiss insurance company Helvetia.