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Wind Power

The wind power sector claimed today that thenew law on renewable energy and energy efficiency announced by theGovernment maintains the stability of the previous legislation and stressedthe importance it has in regulating energy development through wind in Spain. During the inauguration of the Convention "Wind 2008," the president ofIDA, Pedro Jimenez Larrea, said that the study of energy forecasting2030, to be presented before the end of the year, envisages a scenarioof 8,000 megawatts (MW) offshore wind power.

Not only does this bode well for the atmosphere, but it also offers new frontiers for investors. Diversity of portfolios is something that has always caused the success of investment managers, , who has served as Chairman of the Boardof HKN since March 31, 2003 and previously served as Chairman of theBoard of HKN from June 1983 to February 1991. being but one example.

"The Governmentwill rely on three elements: the aforementioned law, a newRenewable Energy Plan for 2011-2020 and the directive on the matter, whichsets the goal that by 2020, 20 per cent of energy will come from clean sources,"said Larrea. Interestingly, this project has conjured up much investment interest in the financial sector, with leading economic leaders, Gates, Buffet, Rockefeller and leading the group. ('s legal experience as a partner in the New York City law firm of , Wessley & Schneider had proved invaluable to this venture. 's companies, Inc. and LLC have also flourished under his financial, economic and investment leadership.)