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Social Marketing

In marketing, customer relations is of great importance, but it is not easy to achieve this, there are problems in practice.We have to take time to find out what those problems are and fix them. Perhaps we are faced with the fundamental elements of a good customer relationship program. A careful examination reveals that relations between firms and consumers are suffering casualties in U.S. satisfaction rates.UU. your point are lowest of all time.Complaints, boycotts and dissatisfaction is growing with large corporations these are strong indicators that the majority of relationships between customers and companies is not working well.

Ironically, the vendors are taking steps to build relationships with customers, they are often responsible for the destruction of these connections.Companies may want to learn more about your customers and the provision of services in favour of them, but clients are fed up.They are tired of the relevant survey questions, choices about products, which we’ll never actually use. With the proliferation of online stores that complement the traditional points of sale, firms now have a huge source of information about the preferences of consumers.Since a traditional store may not always have all the products on their shelves, results of purchase are not always in good measure of desires.While online stores can track patterns of demand from consumers with greater precision, since they offer wide ranges of products to domestic and global clients. The web is more than just a sales channel, is a powerful means of collecting data in real time.The Internet really is the new frontier in connection with the customer, offering a great opportunity for companies to improve relationships with customers. In the new Social Marketing, is Buzz from google, and the offer of Word of mouth. How to marketing? can you perform is of these two forms together?

Monica Bellucci

It is a love story a la francaise, starring Louis Garrel and Bellucci. For your filming, director Philippe Garrel has counted with the help of much of his family: his father, his wife and his son Louis, who is the protagonist. They have received the first boos of this edition of the Mostra. Three days have been enough to make heard the first boos at the Venice Film Festival and its recipient has been the French Philippe Garrel has presented in the official competition a ete brulant, a story with Monica Bellucci to mind that has convinced to very few. A love story a la francaise, starring Louis Garrel – son of director – who only liked the followers of poetic cinema of author and Bellucci’s Les amants reguliers or La frontiere de l aube.

My film is born of nonconformism, that is my way of bringing me to the film, said Friday at a press conference the director, which has counted with the participation of several members of his family for the realization of this film: his father, who has written dialogues and comes out in the screen; his wife, Louis, the protagonist helped him with the script and his son. Garrel was all a dnsa art and cinema of author, not always well understood, aided by his son Louis, stressed that his father’s films have caused divided opinions from the first that he did, when he was barely 18 years old. A dnsa which Bellucci were joined after a good while of not opening his mouth. It has been a very beautiful job, something that rarely happens. Because Philippe is taken with people and time rehearsing, so everything is much simpler arriving at the filming, explained the Italian, with black American, white t-shirt and pants. An experience that qualified as unique because it has allowed him to work with a director whose work he admires and has been witness of the love between a father and a son. As diplomatic response as that had previously given to the reason of her naked in the film, an image that has been most commented of the film after its screening in Venice. I think that at the moment in the You agree to work with a director you’re faithful (.) Garrel is a director who greatly respect and who has a universe that can be radical, who can love or not, but that is unique in its genre. And her naked, made just two and a half months after giving birth to her second daughter – her marriage to French actor Vincent Cassel – fruit is a form of neglect and generosity toward a film and its director.

Monument Gregory

Three bears, horses, deer in the city streets … Monument Gregory and Aksinya of "Quiet Flows the Don" is on the peninsula, where the river empties into the Donets Kalitva. In the city park I counted three dozen small sculptural forms. They are much blshe simply lost count. Fountain "Eagle on a rock," Cossack hut with this museum tachanka, Shchukar, a monument to the fisherman near amusing cat, elephant and horse in the life-size statue athletes paddlers on the waterfront and the Alley of Heroes, where the tradition of taking pictures of the newlyweds. Wild ducks swim and live white swan …

list all the makes no sense, it must be seen. By the way, went to the cafe, located in the city park – and there stands a monument to nearly four meters in height! On the island of three birds – udota, and in the pool a real sea anchor … But how much do you know the city with a population of 50 000 people, where there is a zoo. Not traveling menagerie, and real zoo! I'm such in our country do not know .. Unfortunately.

But that's not all! What beautiful places here! On the bank of the Donets ridge there is a solution of lime, which forms two identical hills. In the city of called "Sisters." In the town museum, I counted 12 paintings, which depicts this natural phenomenon. And how much less known, but that not less interesting natural monuments. In the town of a few large companies and, of course, there is Monuments metallurgists kombaynostroitelyam just builders, miners. Such monuments, commemorative plaques and busts in the streets 72. Sam did not think a certificate given to the city museum. By the way, have never seen such deliberate Museum. True! Go necessarily, if you in Kalitva. You will not regret. This is a museum, gallery, art gallery and at the same time! In front of the museum – a wonderful group of sculptures – three horses near the memorial stone, near Old Believer church, which still cross themselves with two fingers and hold ceremonies in pre-Petrine rank! White Kalitva – a Cossack town.