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Up to now and at all times had professed an evident admiration for those people that nature had given a few long legs, but now this has changed radically and everyone seems to crave having them short, very easy mission with only adjust one of so many pants ultra-bajos-waisted and shooting that fill the Windows of the shops of our cities. If Mario Moreno Cantinflas lifted the head it would not give credit to a fashion that when he (unknowingly) created it, served to earn a living as illustrious comedian of the dress atrabiliarismo. It is clear that early adopters of the new fashions are the youngest and after them, attracted by imitating the long-awaited fresh image of youth come from older social groups. This fashion industry, knows that well hence the white of all its proposals is directed at adolescence, because already will be free of charge this powerfully influence in his brothers or higher even in their parents. As well, what justify that for the first time fashion has crossed the unbreached aesthetic frontier of human proportionality and why before this happened?. There can be only one explanation for this: the extreme social generalization of the Influenciabilidad as a distinctive feature of our times. Never as now people have been subject to many external stimuli that may be source of knowledge, only exert dangerous minds handlers usually missing its necessary counterweight: the personal development of the own criterion as the only valid resource to exercise individual independence.

An Authentic Home

I write this article for LA GACETA from Valencia, where I live normally. Other times I’ve done from Frankfurt, Lisbon or Montevideo. They already see what little matter today where the columnist is located. To scale a lot more modest, is the same that make transnational enterprises, which manufacture their products in a site and then sell them in another. The month that comes I will happen backwards: I cover the regional election campaign Valencian and, because of my journeys, the greater part of it will realize it from Palma and Salamanca. And are not created that I’m going to lose anything; on the contrary: thanks to the web pages of the different political parties will know more about their programs, their candidates and their rallies that if had gone to the places where they are held, with poor PA many times and smelling addition sweat from the staff. For journalists, I admit, the Internet is a real bargain and I’ve almost forgotten how information was done before the invention. I will very briefly explain how it works in my case.

After a couple of hours of navigation, through the pages of LA GACETA and other digital media know each morning everything that happens in Salamanca although I find me pongo per case, in New York. In fact, I hear more things than when ride by Rua or the square. Then, without one intending it, comes the avalanche of a leafy e-mail composed of different sceneries, press releases blogs for parties, institutions, associations of immigrants, cultural groups, foundations, professional associations, etc., etc.. Tell them that barely time left me to go to the street to times, I confess, when I wake up in the morning I don’t know very well in what city I am because in this global world news are the same everywhere and the lack of cybernetic frontiers blurs the physical space in which one is found. Also, they are not created, I go out sometimes in my house, my hotel or whatever the room from which you write.

For example, to go to any television tertulia. And thanks to the Internet I have never been as prepared as they are now, knowing the news of the last minute and life entire of my fellow members and guests to the program of that day. Therefore, when someone asks me where alive, I hesitate before answering, and not by my current dichotomy between Salamanca and Valencia, but because my home, sweet home, like so many people today, is actually called Internet.