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Olympic Games

This way you cannot determine when that one body remained in the time and the space. So that something is. it has to own a reality fixes that it does not change that does not change that is not the result of transformations, then can be said that one object in fact is a being and not a multitude of beings. When somebody says I am can be the result of his society, its conceptions, an accident or result of a so continuous change in the time that sometimes is not known and is asked again who I am? I watch myself suddenly with astonishment and I ask myself God, is? it answers him if, because God is the unique being who knows the reality true the being of the time, of the being of the space, the being of the being, porcuanto knows itself itself and it is not asked that is. Since that has arrived at the fullness of its knowledge and the fullness of the knowledge of all the things.

The unique thing that listens was its smile, soon I continued my exhibition. To my precious brothers always I have spoken like a women to them who are sufficiently understood to include/understand any conception that the men become of the world. Young people if they have brothers to not deny their knowledge them, make use of the wisdom that is granted the philosophers who do not envanecen themselves. 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 19 to seem Heraclitus them daria the following introduction to submerge them in the paradox of happening. by the black conosco the black and not by the target, the target by the target and not by the black. So that the black can well be white and the black target. Like relative of the substance.

Or by the connection of the black and the target hayo the gray. Soon I separate the then gray hayo the black and the target. But without knowing the target and the black. We cannot know the gray. Since the gray is consequence of the black and the target. You would imagine like prosigira Heraclitus. These things can be applied in the theoretical physics. Therefore I insist that the philosophers study physics and the physicists philosophy. Recently he stops showing the relation that I seted out at the outset, but you observe until but minimum detail Would by themselves find a great diversity of connections. A great writer relates something to us wonderful about Heraclitus. And with this we finished, with the purpose of to happen to other philosophers. Heraclitus, son of Biosn, (or according to some of Heracln of efeso) had his acme in the Olympic Games 69. I get to become arrogant and extremely disdainful.

President Enrique Gonzalez Macho

/ The ride opens with 25 stars whose number will increase every year. This project aims to valorise and promote the arteries and areas of Madrid which have relationship with the cinematographic activity. Who are plenty and who are missing in this list? Let us know in the comments or send an email to zona20 @. Figures in Spanish cinema, including the pair of actors formed by Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, have gathered on this Monday afternoon in Madrid to inaugurate the street of the stars, the Spanish walk of Fame, which has 25 stars dedicated to personalities of the national cinema. Spanish Cinema Academy, headed by its President Enrique Gonzalez Macho, has wanted to commemorate 25 years of history of the institution by paying tribute to the people who have made the Spanish cinema, as recalled, one of which more Academy Awards has received. We will have to put many more stars: for all those who have made, by those who do and those who they will do, said Javier Bardem, that it has been very flattered to find its star among those of Juan Antonio Bardem and Luis Bunuel. Meanwhile, Penelope Cruz pointed out that, although the recognition given to you on the Hollywood Walk of Fame also made you very excited, this binds you a special link. Madrid will always be my city and Spain my country, has said a few meters from its star, in the calle Martin de los Heros.

One of the most cinematic streets of Madrid, known for its rooms in original version and a bookshop specializing in the seventh art, where director Pedro Almodovar has also gone. I don’t know if I deserve it – she has said – but how to give it to me I appreciate it with all my heart. Another one of the filmmakers who has approached which is already known as the walk of Fame from Madrid has been Alejandro Amenabar, who has confessed to feeling overwhelmed by being among the elect and has recalled that it was on this same street, out of a movie, where asked his first autograph.

Antonio Torrero

One day bankrupt Greece, then big banks and within a few days there is no milk on the shelves of the supermarket, according to disturbing prophecy of Too big to fail, a television drama about the crisis produced by the channel HBO. That is one of the two dominant theses about the immediate future of the global economy. The other – the most likely – is a little less gloomy: what comes is fraught with frights stagnant for a few years, perhaps one decade if politicians are still putting the leg (and that) taking into account that they already going over four years of jaleo. The views of economists moved on that wavelength, with a more or less tinged pessimism, with a palette dominated by gloomy tones, but not too precise in their analysis. There are good reasons for both pessimism and lack of concreteness: still immersed in a disturbance in great depth; We know when lit the wick (August 2007) but we do not know its duration, nor which will be its socio-economic impact, or much less their final results, according to Antonio Torrero, of the University of Alcala. Source of the news:: the harder the relapse