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In accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 15 of the Federal Law of 08.02.1998 14-FZ 'On Limited Liability Companies' property is subject to mandatory evaluation (economic rights, other rights) worth more than 200 times the minimum wage passed in through payment in the share capital of a limited liability company. Given that the currently estimated in the Russian Federation is regulated, in particular, the Federal Law of 29.07.1998 135-FZ "On Valuation Activities in the Russian Federation ', the assessment of non-monetary contribution to charter capital in accordance with this Law. The estimate by an independent appraiser non-monetary contribution to the nominal value exceeding the equivalent of 200 minimum wages, as required in the establishment of society, and in cases of an increase in its authorized capital. The company's charter may establish types of property that can not be a contribution to its capital base. It should be borne in mind that when determining the amount of non-monetary contribution received in the amount of the minimum wage established by federal law at the date of submission of documents for state registration. In light of article 5 of the Federal Law of 19.06.2000 82-FZ 'On minimum wages' definition of the nominal value of non-monetary contribution at the present time should be based on a base amount of 100 rubles. Thus, we consider the most important issues arising from the mandatory assessment of contributions to the charter capital of a limited liability company. Contract basis for assessing non-monetary contribution to the charter capital of the company is a contract between the evaluator and the client. At the same time on the relationship of the parties (the client and the appraiser) to fully apply the requirements of civil law and, in particular, the Law on the evaluation. Mandatory requirements agreement between the appraiser and the customer provided for in Article 10 of the assessment and include the following: a contract between the appraiser and the client shall be in writing and does not require a notary certificates; contract must contain: the base contract; view of the object of evaluation; form determined value (cost) of the object of evaluation; remuneration for an assessment of the object.


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Innovation Process

Innovation Process The notion of innovation as process places emphasis on how this is perceived kl map and shah alam produced, at langkawi different stages to give rise (conception, creation, research, development, production and marketing) and how these senarai articulate “(Taken from the book” Technological universiti innovation in Colombian industry melaka “Colciencias and the Colombian Observatory of Science and Technology, 2003. p. taman 41). Process innovation-a selangor revolutionary new approach that jalan fuses information technology with human resource management, can dramatically improve jawatan kosong business performance. malyasia In the ringgit demanding environment of cuti cuti the 1990s, the mere formulation of pelancongan the strategy is not enough, it is also essential to motor trader design the processes klang to effectively implement the strategy. kuantan Based on malaisia new petaling jaya technologies and motivated motortrader workers, process innovation is based on the commitment of top management with a strategic vision.Its scope is broad sarawak and crosses many roles kepada within the company. Their goals are ambitious-firms kelantan that embark on process innovation usually kesan seek malesia tenfold improvement in their performance on cost, time or quality. For example, IBM reduced from seven days to one time of pahang preparation of tenders for the purchase or malasiya lease a computer, in kedah addition kota kinabalu to preparing a number of offers perniagaan ten usahawan times greater. kancil The American treasury collection by perodua 33 over their delinquent taxpayers johor with half the staff and one third terengganu of the delegations. An analysis of NYSE suggests that the redesign of the malasya procurement process could save hundreds of millions of dollars a year malasyia to buyers and sellers.

Day Engineer

How to study for an examination of English vocabulary of the day before Next I present/display the vocabulary in the matter of careers and occupations (race and offices) that can study any student of Secondary Education or any student of an intermediate basic course of English. For aprenderte this vocabulary of a fast and simple form you must follow the following steps. We recommended to you that you print the list so that you can follow the process. 1 Busca and writes in a separate paper all those words whose meaning can be extracted by its similarity with the Spanish. 1.

accountant: accountant 2. electrician: electrician 3. pilot: pilot 4. airhostess: stewardess 5. to engineer: engineer 6. to plumber: plumber 7.

architect: architect 8. factory to worker: worker 9. policeman: police the 10. Bakers: baker 11. fashion to designer: fashionable designer 12. postman: mailman 13. to bricklayer: bricklayer 14. receptionist: receptionist 15. fireman: fireman 16. bus to driver: driver of bus 17. to fishmonger: pescadero 18. to reporter: reporter 19. businessman: man of businesses 20. of gardener: sailor gardener 21.: sailor 22. to grocer: shopkeeper 23. salesman: salesman 24. to butcher: butcher 25. to hairdresser: barber 26. secretary: secretariat 27. journalist: journalist 28. security guard: guard of security 29. to caretaker: manager 30. to lawyer: lawyer 31. to carpenter: carpenter 32. librarian: librarian 33. to soldier: civil soldier 34. servant: civil servant 35. lorry to driver: truck driver 36. taxi to driver: taxi driver 37. to manager: director 38. to undertaker: enterrador 39. correspondant: correspondent 40. vet: veterinarian 41. dentist: dentist 42. nurse: nurse 43. doctor: doctor 44. optician: optician 2 you have done If it well, your list of words that you can understand using your Spanish would have to be compound of these words: 1. electrician: electrician 2. pilot: pilot 3. to engineer: engineer 4.


The authorities of the municipalities that belong to the coastal cities of the Spanish coast, are aware of the rapid growth and even illegal construction of buildings on the coast. Some say the area near the sea turned into a “graveyard of concrete.” One of the main causes of this phenomenon is the rapid growth that had the item property in the immediate previous years. The governments of each City Council approved works (public or private) that were clearly against the law of environment protection, and the limit of meters should be without building near the sea. Some designs of buildings, gated communities, villas, restaurants, etc. Virgin sites disappeared and the landscape was transformed into a set of buildings piled beside the sea.

There was both domestic and foreign investments, which were justified with the waves of tourism that arrived in the country, saying that housing supply was not sufficient. This population growth regardless of the different localities, mainly by the entry of foreigners arriving to live in Spain. But probably, these issues of “housing demand” was largely fabricated. Among the provinces most affected by this situation, we can mention Malaga and Barcelona. The latter special way with those built in cold blood. Late last year, according to El Pais, the country recorded 997 652 properties for sale. Over half of these were already completed and delivery terms.

The Ministry of Housing reported that construction of the provinces belonging to the Mediterranean coast, representing almost 50% of all households. This percentage translates into a figure of approximately 500,000 properties. Unfortunately, at this stage of housing crisis will not be as easy to locate their owners to reach, as it was in the real estate boom years. Five years ago, all these properties had been sold, and demand would continue to exist. But today, financial instability led to a housing stock almost impossible to reduce. And this is perceived especially in those customers buying a house or apartment as your second home. Until the cause is obvious: first product disregard those that do not necessarily acquire. And those who do it as an investment. Some scholars think that in order to sell all the homes that are currently in stock, will have to wait about 2 years. This approach could be implemented assuming that each year can be sold more than 350,000 homes.